PAYDAY 3 – Vendors Guide

In the main menu you can access the “Vendors” tab, where you can buy various things from vendors using cash or C-Stacks.

Gage: Arms Dealer

Gage’s vendor tab is where you will be able to purchase weapons, preset weapons, weapon charms, paint schemes, stickers, and favors.

Preset Weapons are special variants of standard weapons, and come pre-equipped with set modifications, as well as a unique skin. Preset Weapons cannot be modified in any capacity. They can be useful for leveling up weapon levels without owning the standard version, but can be incredibly costly, often requiring tens of millions of dollars or hundreds of C-Stacks.

Weapon charms only need to be purchased once, and can be applied to any weapon an infinite number of times. These all cost C-Stacks, ranging from 20 to 300.

The favors you purchase can be consumed in the heist lobby. You can purchase ammo, armor, medic, and zipline bags. Each favor costs $10k apiece and is consumed upon selection. It is important to note that restarting a heist in which you have selected a favor will still consume a single instance, and it is possible to completely run out of favors this way.

Setaggi: Currency Broker (C-Stacks)

C-Stacks are a special currency you must accumulate over time, and are used to buy inventory slots, special cosmetics, weapon presets, and more. You can convert cash into C-Stacks via the vendor Setaggi.

You can buy C-Stacks in bundles of 1, 5, and 10. The exchange rate for any given bundle of Stacks gets worse the more stacks of that bundle you buy. The exchange rate of C-Stacks resets at the end of the timer, which happens at the start of every Monday at 12:00am UTC.

# Bought1 C-Stack5 C-Stacks10 C-Stacks
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