Phasmophobia – Camp Woodwind Exp Farm Guide

Camp Woodwind is currently one of if not the fastest way to level in the new Phasmophobia update V0.9. This guide will break down tips and tricks that will allow you to run this farm Solo or in groups. For each correct ghost you can receive at least 2500xp up to over 4000 a run. Also included in this guide is basic information on how to successfully recognize specific ghosts.

Guide to Camp Woodwind Exp Farming

Section 1: The Setup and Starting

Starting the Woodwind farm isn’t something that can be done as soon as you start up the game with a fresh account without prior help. The reason for this is you lack the starting equipment needed to survive. Don’t worry this won’t take long to fix however.

The level your looking for to be able to start the farm is 14. At 14 you have unlocked all the equipment needed to survive. The main components being:

  1. 4x Tier 1 Insense
  2. Any Tier Igniter
  3. Salt
  4. EMF Reader (Electronic Device)
  5. Crucifix

You might ask why the last 3 items and that will be explained shortly.

Once you have your Loadout prepared we will move onto the custom settings to get the most out of your hunt.

These settings once completed will give you a 12.57x multiplier but this can be easily bumped up to 12.97 when you get more comfortable or even 13.97 if your really good at the game.


  • Starting Sanity: 0
  • Sanity Pill Restoration: 0
  • Sanity Drain Speed: 200%
  • Sprinting: Off
  • Player Speed: 100%
  • Flashlight: Off
  • Lose items and Consumables: On


  • Ghost Speed: 100%
  • Roaming Frequency: High
  • Changing Favorite room: High
  • Interaction Amount: Low
  • Event Frequency: Low
  • Friendly Ghost: Off
  • Grace Period: 0
  • Hunt Duration: Low
  • Kills Extend Hunt: Off
  • Evidence Given: 0


  • Setup Time: 0
  • Weather: Foggy
  • Doors Start Open: High
  • Number of Hiding Places: None
  • Sanity Monitor: Off
  • Activity Monitor: Off
  • Fuse Box at Start of Contract: Broken
  • Cursed Possessions Quantity: 0

Using these settings you will have a Multiplier of 12.57 Weather is set to Foggy because in mine and a few others opinion it makes it easier to spot the ghost and makes it a bit brighter.

To increase the Multiplier change

  1. Hunt Duration to medium 12.97x Minor Difficulty Increase. Increasing to High only increase by an additional .10 so not recommended
  2. Ghost Speed to 125%(13.47), 150% (13.97x) Major Difficulty Increase
  3. Player Speed to 75% (14.47x), 50% (14.97x) Major Difficulty Increase
  4. Finaly changing weather to Heavy Rain will max the Multiplier at 15.00x

Doing the first one is easy when you get a handle on the ghost speeds and your Incense timing the next 3 are only if you have completely understood how the ghosts work as well as how to hide from the ghost as running from the ghost when they are at 150% and your at 50% is impossible and Heavy Rain makes finding and hearing the Ghost hard to do as well.

With this we have completed our Setup and prep and are ready to begin Hunting our ghosts on Camp Woodwind.

Section 2: The Camp Setup

We have arrived at Camp Woodwind and its time to setup for the hunt.

First we will need to grab the EMF which we turn on in our hand the Crucifix and the Salt. With that we proceed to the corner of the gate beside the picnic tables and with the EMF turned on we will throw them through the gate right at the edge of the table. Don’t worry if the Salt doesn’t go far we just need it in there.

Once that is done your going to want to run back to the van and grab 2 Smudge Sticks and your Igniter and go back to the gate. I suggest opening the right gate as it makes it a straight shot to turn toward the table and you don’t have to walk around the open gate.

Once you are behind the Picnic table throw a single smudge onto the picnic table seat and quickly turn and grab the salt. If your using T1 Salt just place 2 piles side by side beside you on the ground in the path between the picnic table and the fence behind you. With this done drop the salt container and pick up your smudge stick.

Salt can be done quickly but sometimes the hunt starts to quickly in which cases you can skip placing salt just know if the ghost is a normal ghost you can’t rule out wraith without the salt placed.

Thats it setup done your ready for the next step. The Hunt

Section 3: The Hunt

Now it comes down to your Ghost Knowledge (Covered in the Next Section) and your character Control. The Picnic Table acts as a wall blocking sight between you and the ghost which is going to be very important in hiding from and evading the ghost.

Your job during this phase is to just sit waiting till the ghost decides its time to hunt. When the hunt starts the gate beside you will shut and lock this will be one of the signs of the hunt and sometimes all you get but in most cases the ghost will spawn close enough to you you will hear it. Your job now is to pay close attention to the ghost. Some ghosts will be very easy to recognize the signs while some WILL be impossible to pinpoint.

The current ghosts that can not be identified easily are as follows:

  • Banshee (Solo)
  • Jinn
  • Mare
  • Yurei
  • Goryo
  • Onryo

Ghosts that are Difficult to spot quickly

  • Spirit (Has a Long Incense timer)
  • Shade (Will Not if you are in its (Room)
  • Demon (Very Short Incense timer)
  • Yokai (Short Voice and Electronic Sense range)
  • The Mimic (Can be any ghost but always has spirit orbs)

Ghosts that you can’t miss if you know what to look for:

  • Wraith (Will not step in salt)
  • Phantom (Has a Long Invisibility Phase during hunt)
  • Poltergeist (Will throw stuff ALOT and will throw them far)
  • Revenant (Tied with easiest. Very Slow if it can’t see you but speeds to stupid speeds when it sees you)
  • Oni (Has a Long Visibility Phase during hunt)
  • Hantu ( Faster in the cold slows down in the Heat and has freezing breath during hunt)
  • Myling (Silent Footsteps at range you will hear the ghost talking before you hear the footsteps and even then they fade in slowly)
  • The Twins (Twin Interactions and different movement speeds 1 hunt will be slower and 1 will be slightly faster)
  • Raiju (Speeds up when in the vecinity of Electronics(EMF)
  • Obake (Will change models randomly during a hunt)
  • Moroi (Faster than normal ghost with increasing speed if it sees you also smudging the ghost means it loses you longer during a hunt)
  • Deogen (Super Fast far away and will know exactly where you are but will drop to a crawl when it gets closer to you)
  • Thaye (Very Fast ghost that does not change speed when you smudge it Slightly slower than a Revenant at full speed)

In the Next section we will go over these ghosts in detail as well as what to specifically look out for.

Section 4: The Ghosts

Now we will go over the ghosts and what you can each Ghost brings to the table using this method in depth.

  • Spirit: Spirit will only stand out if you stay past your first hunt. The spirit has a Smudge timer of 180 seconds or 3 minutes. If the second hunt starts before this 3 minutes you can 100% rule out the Spirit and if it hunts after the 3 minutes there is a slighly increased chance that its a Spirit but its not certain. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Wraith: Wraith is by far one of the easier ghosts to figure out. Its not faster than normal but it will not leave footprints in salt so if you see it cross your salt and its not disturbed you can say with certainty its a wraith. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Phantom: Little bit harder unless you pay attention its normal speed but when you are watching the ghost walk toward you and around during a hunt the flashes between Invisible and Visible will seem to stay on Invisible longer. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Poltergeist: The thrower. This ghost will throw items quickly and can throw multiple at a time. As well it will also throw object further than other ghosts. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Banshee: The Banshee’s Ability only comes into play in Multiplayer mostly. The Banshee sets a player as the target and will ONLY hunt that person. In multiplayer if the ghost seeminly bypasses one or two people you can take a guess its a Banshee. Using a Para Mic you have a chance of hearing the Banshee scream also alerting you to the ghost. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Jinn: Really there is nothing you can do to say for certain this is the ghost. Its ability can only activate if the Generator is on but its Broken so Jinn is a just a free guess ghost. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Mare: Turns off Lights and doesn’t turn them on. Higher chance to bust lights so if you have a ghost event blow the lights on you it could be a mare. (Not sure if the Burners are considered Light but safe bet is if the ghost turns one on its not a Mare) Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Revenant: This one can scare you. Revenant is a Slow ghost when it doesn’t see you at 1.0m/s. When it sees you this changes and it becomes the fastest base speed ghost at 3.0 m/s speed. When Smudged the speed drops back to 1.0 m/s while smudged.
  • Shade: Will not hunt if your in its zone/room. Meaning if you are siting at the Benches for 5 minutes then move and it automatically hunts or you see it step in salt moving away from you THEN it hunts it has a very high likely hood of being a shade. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Demon: The Opposite of the Spirit. Demon can only be verified by checking the smudge timer. The Demon can Hunt at the 1 minute mark instead of the normal 90 second mark after smudging the ghost. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Yurie: Another ghost that’s really hard to pin down. The only Ability it has is its ability to shut doors so if you see a lot of camp doors shutting it might be a Yurie. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Oni: Opposite of a Phantom. It will Flash less during a hunt meaning it stays on screen much more than a normal ghost. Also can not do The Mist Ball event. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Yokai: This one is another hard one. Its only tell is if it doesn’t see you but it doesn’t react to you talking or electronic devices until its very close. It can see you at normal range though. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Hantu: Hantu has 2 things going for it that make it easy to spot the first is its speed when its cold. The Colder it is the faster it goes in fog you might see it moving at around 2.3 m/s to 2.5 m/s. If you move it to the campfire and turn the campfire on this speed drops right down to slower than a normal ghost. Another big tell is that when its hunting you will see puffs of Frozen Breath from the ghost.
  • Goryo: Another ghost thats almost impossible to tell. It doesn’t change ghost rooms ever. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Myling: The Silent one. Myling could sneak up on you if your not carefull. Its sounds are much quieter at range so if you see it but can’t hear it till it gets close you know its a Myling. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • Onryo: Another Almost impossible ghost. It only has 1 major tell. It won’t hunt if its close to a lit candle. If it doesn’t hunt but keeps blowing them out its likely a Onryo. Though it will hunt on the 3rd candle blowout.
  • The Twins: A bit hard to tell but its easy if you have good ears. The Twins do 2 major things they have whats Called Twinteractions, where they do 2 interactions in different locations simultaneously and they have 2 hunt speeds The First speed is 1.53 m/s the second is 1.87 m/s
  • Raiju: Raiju loves electronics as you can tell when it gets close to one you have set out. If you don’t have any set out it will be standard 1.7 m/s speed but when it gets close to your electronics it jumps to 2.5 m/s.
  • Obake: Super Easy tell you just have to hope it does. It has a 6.66% chance every flash to change to a different ghost model so if you see it shape shift you have your obake. Speed 1.7 m/s
  • The Mimic: The Mimic can pretend to be ANY ghost so you might see a Revenant speed mimic. The only way to tell if its a Mimic is that there will ALWAYS be ghost orbs on camera where it is even on a 0 Evidence run. Any speed from the other ghosts
  • Moroi: Moroi has 2 things that make it stand out. One its speed is faster than normal at 2.25 m/s that increases as it sees you but it also has a longer blinded duration after you Smudge the ghost. If you see the ghost walk away for a longer time then normal your likely facing a Moroi. 2.25 M/S increasing to 3.71 m/s over time as it sees you.
  • Deogen: Your Favorite Ghost. The Deogen will run at you at 3.0 m/s untill it gets with a few meters. It will then slow to 0.4 m/s as long as you are close to it meaning you can easily out walk its movement speed.
  • Thaye: The Caffeinated ghost. This ghost is all about speed pretty much. Speed will be 2.75 m/s pretty much the entire time. It does slow down if your close to it normaly but with this farm your in and out in less than 2 minutes with a Thaye

And thats every ghost your gonna run into on the Camp Woodwind farm.

Section 5: Multiplayer and Notes


If you decided to group up to do this farming method not much changes. You won’t need to throw in gear and can focus on getting more of the side objectives on the hunt such as motion sensor and para Mic. Getting all Objectives can increase your EXP from 2.5k base to around 4.5k with all objectives.


A few notes I want to go over and why I do things the way I do.

EMF on is used for the Raiju.

The Crucifix is thrown in just to give you a safety net around you. You know the ghost won’t spawn directly on you while your setting up.

Salt is a given. Your using it for Wraith.

Tier 1 Smudge Sticks. You want to see the ghost and how it interacts with you and the speed. If you are using Tier 2 Smudge and run into a Thaye you might mistake the slow from the Smudge as the Thaye dropping down to Rev walking speeds causing ghost miss-Identification.

Any tier Ignitor is fine but if your lighting the camp fire and just like to spam lighting it each time you light it does use a match.

Try and position yourself so your out of sight of the ghost’s haunting area. Its better for the ghost not to see you right away so you can try and lure it in with sound and also you can use listen for its starting steps to see if you even need it to approach.

If your having trouble with steps or remember stats on each ghost I have found this tool to be very helpful.

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