ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – How to Beat the Tutorial Boss

Having trouble with the boss of the tutorial mission? No, it’s not just you, the first boss is a big difficulty spike, and the next couple of missions aren’t remotely as difficult, and you’ll be able to customize your mech once you’re out of the tutorial as well. So here’s some tips on beating it.

Guide to Beat the Tutorial Boss

How to Beat It

Here’s some things I’ve learned that help a lot:

  1. Be aggressive. Close in to use your sword often, the helicopter can’t handle you at close range that well (especially if you’re not in front of it). Keep mobile when you’re on the ground and get back into the air and close range as soon as possible.
  2. Keep filling up the enemy’s stagger gauge. Don’t let the stagger gauge go down too much (and it will go down fast if you’re not keeping pressure on the boss). When you fill the stagger bar, prioritize getting at least one sword in above all else.
  3. You can fire multiple weapons at once, you can mash your missile launcher and guns at the same time if they’re both off cooldown. You’re not limited to firing them one at a time.

It took me eight tries to beat this the first time, but once I understood these three points I went back and beat the mission on my first try.

Good luck!

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