ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – Maximum Control: Move, Aim and Shoot at The Same Time, All The Time

Controller layout to use all essential functions with minimal downtime. No need for the meme claw grip.


In “Game Settings”, change “Core Expansion Controls” to “Type A”.


Basically, all of the default control schemes sacrifice something in order to be easy-to-understand for players. Type A is best for newcomers since it has a similar layout to conventional shooting games and sacrifices jumping or boosting at the same time as aiming and attacking. Type B and C are similar to the Armored Core 4 default control scheme, but sacrifices either the hand weapons or shoulder equipment when aiming, boosting, and attacking.

This control scheme puts all of the essential actions on the triggers, shoulders (bumpers), and joysticks. Due to the nature of the series’ movement, especially after 4, Quick Boost and Jump are used enough to be placed alongside your primary weapons on the trigger and shoulder buttons. Assault Boost is only really necessary for either escaping or quickly closing the distance between you and your target, especially when Boost Kick is unlocked. Target Assist isn’t really necessary as it makes weapons less accurate and takes more time to gain 100% accuracy than manually aiming and using soft-locks. Weapon accuracy is essential for multiplayer. Target Assist’s main benefit is reorienting yourself after losing your target when soft-locked. I don’t even know why Boost being a separate button is a thing.


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