Phasmophobia – Pro Tips

In this guide you can find: Tips, recommendations, what tools I will need to capture each type of ghost, how to get extra money and how to use the Spirit Box and the Ouija board.

First of All, What is Phasmophobia?

This video game is based on being a ghost hunter. Enter one of the maps with your friends (or alone) and with your equipment. The main objective is to discover through some tests or objects, what type of ghost we are facing. There are different maps, some more difficult than the others, for example there is an asylum that is huge and very difficult. Each type of ghost is different, with its characteristics and ways of attacking, each one has its tests, that is, with the types of tests that we collect, we can identify what type of ghost it is. But hey I guess you already knew this. Now we go with the guide …

Gameplay Tips

Let’s start with some tips:

  • Take photos of Bones, Dirty water, ghost and interactions. This will give us extra money, if I’m not mistaken, it is 10 or 15 dollars for each photo we take (if we take several photos of one thing it will only count once)
  • Leave a crucifix in the room where the ghost is supposed to be, protects a radius of 3 meters (it is useless to carry it in your hand)
  • Take 2 cameras (or more) to have more photos available
  • To speak with Spirit Box have it in hand
  • Don’t turn on so many lights (that makes it possible to cut the light or lower the sanity depending on what type of ghost we face)
  • Take 2 video cameras (or more) and their respective tripods
  • If you are looking for orbs, turn off the light in the room where the cameras and the door are
  • If a room has less than 12.7 ° (degrees) it is possible that that room is where the ghost is located
  • If the ghost attacks, turn off flashlights, lock yourself in a room (if possible with the door closed) duck, hide behind a bed, furniture, etc. and do not speak
  • (Optional) When starting a game, Take a photo with camera, to the mission board (no longer necessary xd)


  • Try not to say words like attack, attack, fear, etc. That can make the ghost go into aggressive mode and attack
  • Use the 5 minutes of starting well, that is, in the 5 minutes in which the ghost does not attack (cooldown), put cameras, sensors, search the room quickly, etc.
  • Learn the maps: This means, knowing in which rooms a ghost is more likely to attack or which room is of its pretense, where are the light activators, etc.
  • Always looking for things to see or do while we go to the truck and return to the map itself. For instance; leave a video camera to see orbs when we are going to look for another object or if we are going to do something to the truck.
  • If you are playing with friends or a group of people, share the roles, that is, share what that person does (for example, one searches for emf 5, another spirit Box, another fingerprints, etc.)

What Tools Will I Need to Capture Each Type of Ghost?

The Spirit Box for the Spirit, the Specter, the Poltergeist, the Jinn, the Nightmare, the Demon and the Oni

The EMF meter for the Entity, the Banshee, the Jinn, the Revenant, the Shadow and the Oni

Ultraviolet Light (Fingerprints) for Spirit, Wraith, Poltergeist, Banshee, Nightmare, and Revenant

Chambers (Orbs) for the Entity, the Poltergeist, the Jinn, the Shadow and the Yurei

Ghost Book of Scripture for the Spirit, the Revenant, the Shadow, the Demon, the Yurei and the Oni

The thermometer (sub-zero temperature) for the Specter, the Entity, the Banshee, the Nightmare, the Demon and the Yurei

How to Get Extra Money

  • From the game interface we will see a series of daily objectives. If we carry them out, we will get some good dollars.
  • In addition, on the white board we will see secondary objectives. All of them will be well paid.
  • Our performance in obtaining evidence, including photographs, will also be rewarded in the final count. Which includes photographs of objects such as bones or voodoo dolls.

In addition, there are power-ups depending on the difficulty. In other words, the more difficult our contract is, the better the evidence will be paid. The higher the risks, the more reward.

How to Use The Spirit Box and Ouija Board

The Spirit Box is a kind of radio that works in the dark detecting different frequencies (it is turned on using the mouse), and although not all spirits react to it, it works with more than half of them whenever we are at a distance close.

The Ouija board will reduce our sanity much more quickly and, unlike the Spirit Box, we do not carry it ourselves, but it appears approximately in the basement or one of the rooms of one of every three houses. The chances of communication are greater, although our ghost can get angry.

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