Phasmophobia – Tips and Tricks

This goal of this guide is to help you know how to find the ghost quickly, understand what to do and NOT to do, and tips and tricks (Recommended for beginners).

Remember when words are bolded that means it’s evidence or important information you want to remember.

What is Phasmophobia?

If you don’t know the game Phasmophobia, you’re living under a rock. Phasmophobia is a ghost hunting game where you and 0-3 friends or strangers go to building to building to investigate paranormal activity and find out what the type of ghost it is, so the ghost removal team(ghost busters) can remove the ghost. If you don’t know the definition of Phasmophobia, well it’s the fear of ghosts.

Finding the Ghost

When you first start the round, enter the house and say Where are you?(Don’t forget to hold V while doing this), sometimes it will take more than one time, but the ghost should make a creak indicating that the ghost is around there somewhere. Next use the EMF reader or Thermometer (Depending on what you have) to track the ghost. If you only have an EMF reader, search in the area of the creak and see if the EMF level increases, if it reaches EMF level 5, record that in your journal. If you are using a Thermometer, look for a room in that area that has a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you find the ghost, start investigating.

What to Do and NOT Do

What to do:

  • If you see the ghost, find a dead body(player body), find a bone, or find fingerprints, and other evidence that is used for picture evidence, take a picture of it as it will count as photo evidence and will give you extra money.
  • Drop a crucifix when you find the ghosts location as it will not allow the ghost to hunt(note that it will NOT stop a ghost when it is currently hunting).
  • When you are leaving the house or building, put the ghost type into your journal because if you don’t, you won’t get the money for figuring out the ghost type.
  • If you have to two pieces of evidence, see what evidence will result with a ghost type instead of trying all evidence that is left because when you have two pieces of evidence, some pieces of evidence will result with no ghost types.

What NOT to do:

  • Do NOT say the ghost’s name unless you can not find any evidence without saying it’s name(remember to be careful when you say the ghost’s name, it will be angered and have an increased chance of going into hunt mode).
  • Don’t be loud and don’t speak all the time, sound is very important in this game.
  • Don’t drop your flashlight, that should be clear enough why.
  • Unless you’re a pro, don’t go alone, it will be much more scary and will be harder.
  • Never forget to hide, it will be your best chance of surviving a hunt unless it a wraith.

Tips and Tricks

  • Read other guides as they can give more information on Phasmophobia.
  • Talk with the ghost, the ghost can and will probably respond.
  • Use V and B to communicate with the ghost and friends! V is normal speech, and B is on walkie talkie(global speech or something like that).
  • Don’t forget to have fun! Most games are meant be fun and having fun should make the game less scary.
  • Play with friends! Makes the game more enjoyable and makes investigations easier.
  • Adjust your settings to what you prefer.
  • Don’t do big maps as a beginner, it will probably be much more harder for you than pros.
  • Pay attention to what the radio guy has to say, he gives vital information on how violent the ghost is(he says something about violence happening), and other vital information.
  • Read the whiteboard, it has optional objectives on it that will give you extra money, it also tells the name of the ghost and has the requirements on how to get the ghost to respond to you(only responds when you are alone or will respond to everyone).
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