Rainbow Six Siege – Melusi Tips

Hello and welcome to this small bundle of tips for the new defender! In this guide I will list and explain some basic tips I have thought up while playing ranked.

Tips for Using Melusi

Place smart!

Always try to place your gadgets on a table or elevated surface in the center of the room that way the attackers will have a harder time destroying them and they can also cover a larger amount of the room than if they were placed on a wall.

Think smart with your placements!

Depending on weather you want to roam or anchor you should place your banshees accordingly. If you are going to anchor I would recommend placing one in the center of the site you aren’t going to be on as often, one close by your sites main entrances and the final one on the nearest set of stairs.

They aren’t just for slowing!

The gadgets make a great sound indication of where the attackers are, this can be used to set up crafty traps using the C4 that she comes equipped with. The sound can also be very beneficial to your teams roamers and also you if you choose to roam.

Stop the meta!

One great example of stopping a meta attack plant is to place a banshee on the front of the truck in the basement of consulate, this placement makes it very hard for the attackers to plant if they open up the garage door. The banshee is very good at making opened walls almost useless for planting.

Become the master baiter!

Hehehe, um anyway, I greatly advise placing your banshees near common entry points to the site, make sure to place them in a place where anyone on site can see them, as that way if an enemy tries to get on site they either have to go in slow and get gunned down or try and break it and likely get shot trying.

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