Risk of Rain 2 – How to Win Any Run, No Matter the Difficulty

Here I’ll show you how to win without doing too much. One keyword for this guide: monkeys.

How to Win Any Run

1: You’ll be required to have unlocked the Loader

For this, simply go into Siren’s Call in Drizzle. Break the eggs scattered around the map (those that are blue) and break about 6 of them. Then, obliterate the boss that spawns. If you want, you can end the run right there.

2: After that, unlock Thunder Gauntlet

You can do this by swinging upwards with your M2 and downwards with a fully charged train gauntlet attack. Or, mod the game and unlock everything. But it wouldn’t be too fun.

3: Use the Artifact of Command (optional), or rely in your luck, or mod the game whatever

When you have all of that, your number 1 priority of items in a run is getting Backup Magazines, the fire and ice bands, atgs, everything you need. Movement speed and some hopoo feathers are not required, but will make the maneuver pretty good.

With practice, you’ll only need backup magazines. And if you’re lucky, get a Hardlight Afterburner.

And you’re done!

Just never stop swinging. Become tarzan.

Only… One disadvantage!

If you have the DLC, be careful of the final boss of that DLC.

That may be your downfall.

Created by Metabii

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