Risk of Rain 2 – Guide on How to Play Bandit

Bandit Guide

In this guide I will go through Why:

  • Bandit is a good character.
  • How to use the abilities
  • How to play as Bandit.

Bandit is a character which revolves around sneaking up on enemies and just left clicking and right clicking. The idea is to get behind the enemies, use the sword, shotgun shells and then go invisible. Reload all of your bullets and go back for round 2. This is the most simple, and quite effective strategy to kill bosses.

Some good things about Bandit include:

  • High DPS.
  • Great Abilities.
  • Can go invisible + stuns enemies.
  • A revolver which resets all abilities.

And more!

Bandit’s Abilities Explained

Primary weapon:

Bandit’s right click ability is a shotgun which fires 5 bullets (5×100% damage). When shooting at a close range, it can deal a devastating amount of damage, especially with crowbars.

Secondary weapon:

Bandit’s left click ability is basically a blade which deals 360% damage, and when you hit a critical strike, it causes hemorrhaging (deals 2000% damage base damage over 15 seconds). It can deal some decent damage, but you shouldn’t always rely on hemorrhaging to tank damage.

Utility ability:

Most probably my favourite ability, the invisible ability. Bandit will throw a smoke bomb on the floor:

  • Projecting you up into the air (about 1 jump high)
  • Gives Bandit a temporary speed boost until the invisibility ends
  • If you use smoke bomb, then jump and shoot after, you’ll manage to do a triple jump.
  • Using ANY abilities/weapons will immediately make you visible to enemies again.

And finally, Bandit’s special ability:

Light’s out.

This ability shoots a bullet that does 600% damage AND (if the enemy is killed) resets ALL abilities. This will not reload your gun, i’ve died many times thinking it reloads your gun. please do not do this mistake.

That’s about it for my Bandit guide. I hope you all find this useful as I spent alot of time writing this.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading.

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