Rocket League – Quick Guide to Beach Ball

How to direct the ball to the goal in the Beach Ball game mode.


This quick guide explains tricks on how to Control the ball in the Beach Ball Game Mode.

These are the ways I noticed the ball reacting to most hits in games I was in.

All pictures in this guide are an example and were not taken in a public Beach Ball lobby.

How Beach Ball Works

The Beach Ball game mode mostly relies on curve ball to direct the ball after it’s hit.

These are ways to make the ball go where you want it to go This may take some time for you to get use to in game.

Controlling The Beach Ball

  • If you want the ball to Curve to the LEFT then twist / turn your car to the RIGHT as you hit the ball.
  • If you want the ball to Curve to the RIGHT then twist / turn your car to the LEFT as you hit the ball.

These shots can work in the air or on the ground take advantage of your second jump while in the air while you angle your car into a sideways front corner dodge.

You will want to try to hit the ball with the front of your car while boosting, if it goes too far on your car roof it may cause the ball to shoot straight up to the stadium roof with a hard hit.

This also can work when the ball is on along a wall as it will curve to the wall if you hit it just right, you can use this to your advantage when close to the goal as the ball will curve into the goal as it comes off the back wall the goal is on.

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