Rust – Ultimate Guide to Keybinds (Chat & Console Commands)

Most useful Rust key binds guide!


  • Press F1 to open your console.
  • Decide what key you want to bind the command to.
  • Copy-paste the command and press Enter.

Some Keybinds

All commands are ready to copy-paste into console.

Press Q to auto-run, press Shift and W to cancel (this will override the crafting shortcut).

  • bind q forward;sprint

Press Z to permanently crouch and auto-attack, press Left Click and Control to cancel.

  • bind z attack;duck

Hold Z to crouch and auto-attack (only while pressed).

  • bind z +attack;+duck

Press C to permanently crouch, press Control to cancel.

  • bind c duck

Default Keybinds

  • bind f1 consoletoggle
  • bind w +forward
  • bind s +backward
  • bind a +left
  • bind d +right
  • bind mouse0 +attack
  • bind mouse1 +attack2
  • bind mouse2 +attack3
  • bind 1 +slot1
  • bind 2 +slot2
  • bind 3 +slot3
  • bind 4 +slot4
  • bind 5 +slot5
  • bind 6 +slot6
  • bind 7 +slot7
  • bind 8 +slot8
  • bind leftshift +sprint
  • bind rightshift +sprint
  • bind leftalt +altlook
  • bind r +reload
  • bind space +jump
  • bind leftcontrol +duck
  • bind e +use
  • bind v +voice
  • bind g +map
  • bind t
  • bind return
  • bind mousewheeldown +invnext
  • bind mousewheelup +invprev
  • bind tab inventory.toggle
  • bind q inventory.togglecrafting
  • bind f lighttoggle
  • bind n inventory.examineheld
  • bind x swapseats
  • bind c +compass

Keybinds for Server Management

Hide Base Entities:

bind keypad1 layer.toggle Tree;layer.toggle World;layer.toggle Construction;layer.toggle Water;layer.toggle Terrain;layer.toggle Clutter

Unlock/Lock Code Lock:

bind keypad2 ent unlock / bind keypad3 ent lock

Entity Ownership:

bind keypad4 ent who

Daytime/Nighttime for Admin:

bind keypad8 admintime 12 / bind keypad9 admintime -1

Useful Keybinds

The following list of frequently used keybinds includes an explanation of each function; the keys are provided as samples; feel free to modify them to suit your needs.

Player Binds

bind [leftshift+k] killCommit suicide to respawn
bind f1 consoletoggle;combatlogRun combatlog on opening console
bind x forward;sprintAuto-run until you manually press forward again
bind z duckToggle crouch until you manually press crouch again
bind [leftshift+f11] attackAuto-attack – constantly attack until you manually attack again (LMB)
bind [rightshift+f11] attack;duckAuto-attack and toggle crouch
bind mouse1 “+attack2;+input.sensitivity .45;input.sensitivity .2”Lower sensitivity when ADS
bind mouse1 +lighttoggle;+attack2Turn on flashlight/laser when ADS
bind mousewheelup “craft.add -2072273936 2”Craft bandages when you scroll up
bind f10 client.disconnectDisconnects you from the server you’re on
bind 7 chat.say “Hello everyone!”Sends a message to global chat
bind 8 chat.teamsay “Hey Team!!”Sends a message to team chat
bind h “craft.add -2072273936 1”Auto-crafts 1 bandage

Admin Binds

bind [leftshift+h] debugcameraEnables debugcamera
bind [leftshift+t] teleport2markerTeleports you to your map marker
bind p “ent kill”Kills the entity you’re looking at
bind u “ent unlock”Unlocks the entity you’re looking at
bind l “ent lock”Locks the entity you’re looking at
bind j noclipToggles flight
bind delete “layer.toggle Construction”Hides all player buildings for a better view
bind [leftshift+rightcontrol] “weather.load clear”Makes the server’s weather sunny and clear
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