Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Old Dragons of the Tree / Devine Dragon (Boss Guide)

Old Dragons of the Tree / Devine Dragon

  • Location : Fountainhead Palace
  • Deathblow Markers : 2 (1 Old Dragons of the Tree , 1 Divine Dragon )
  • Reward : Battle Memory , Dragon tears
  • Optional : no
  • Best prosthetic tools : none
  • Best skill art : mortal draw (Old Dragons of the Tree) none (Divine Dragon)


In first part of this fight you have to kill all white dragons since they all share 1 health bar. (even if each one has individual) Mortal blade is great at this because it can hit multiple enemies per single slash.

Just pay attention to the poison abnormality and use green gourd to reduce it if you need to when you hear roar simply run in any direction until branches stop appearing.

When you kill the last old white dragon the real fight finally begins with Divine Dragon.

All what you need to do is wait until Divine dragon will stop attacking and then grapple to branch with lightning strike than simple do lightning reversal to deal damage but remember to not take damage accidentally while absorbing lightning in air because you will die by shock.

In this phase Divine dragon will simple do triple slow combo with sword or slow double sweep.

Only one attack that might catch you off guard is when he summoning lightning on floor so you have to grapple any branch to avoid (aka be in air) you can easy recognize this move because he always putting head underground when he`s about to do it.

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