Sons Of The Forest – All Artifact Piece Locations + Useful Tips

I’ve been seeing people in multiplayer and even some content creators wanting to know where to find “ALL” of the Artifacts. Well here yall go, a map full of it..

How to Find All Artifact Pieces

The Map

This map was made by The interactive map online and is welcomed for all, but for those who just came on here to look at it. Here it is, all 6 of the Artifact pieces.

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Useful Tips

Artifact and water

Water in caves and bunkers won’t freeze. If you completed the Artifact, you could use it to quickly travel to a water source.

Unless ur starting the game during winter on long or realistic, I suggest collecting water with a pot and storing them inside your base on like a shelf use it when its winter. If u are doing winter on long or realistic, just find a river thats running on the surface and collect water from there.

How to defend your base

The wacker traps and ball spike swing trap are amazing. Do not build a wall as it ruins kelvins ai. The very best thing is early warning radio thingy placed away from base on obvious pathways. Also a high tower to fire down onto enemies obviously using zip lines to travel safely to and from said tower. Setting up logs then sloping and filling them like a roof on the floor filled with spikes works amazing. The cannibals will test your defences to find a weakness so be ready to move some traps around.

Looking down on the death platform at the sons own butt hole chasm.

What you need todo (spoilers!)

  • Def katana and compound bow. Then, go hunt blueprints for the machine that can upgrade your weapons. then aim for gold katana and gold shotty and pistol for Virginia.
  • Find the ancient armor set and the machine to make that armor gold.
  • Last but not least, complete your artifact. to make your base gold en be able to teleport.
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  1. Another document that I discovered in the magma cave has the text “cube activates every 8 cycles” and a spiral diagram of what appear to be possible destinations for the cube to go.

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