Sons Of The Forest – How to Pass a Broken Metal Door

Guide to Pass a Broken Metal Door

Door Stuck?

Before doing any of this I recommend using the bed in the room before the broken bathroom sink to save the game incase something goes wrong!

Door stuck? When you interact with the door it refuses to open because someone in your multiplayer game did it without you maybe? I have a solution for you!

  • Hug the middle of the door so you can see the otherside and pullout some sticks, then make a campfire as far as possible to the otherside through the door, your character will then step closer to the fire attempting to light it which is how you pass that metal door, you might not be able to see the blueprint on the ground that you would typically see when making a campfire, but the instruction should appear on your screen still when you can place the sticks down (Make sure to place both sticks for the campfire so you can fix your character if he breaks!).
  • Now you are on the otherside, going through the door this way wont break the “story” thats waiting for you ahead.

Character broke? Cant open inventory or do anything else?

  • Light the campfire you built and you will be all fixed up ready to proceed.

Going back to the otherside once you’ve made it will be little more tricky to get the campfire correctly placed, but it does work.

Created by Crozz

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