Sons Of The Forest – Tree Respawn Workaround

Workaround to regrow Trees in the Sons of the Forest game.

How It’s Done

  1. Start Sons Of The Forest and create a new Game, save and exit the Game.
  2. Open your File Browser and navigate to:

C:\Users\XXX\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\Sons Of The Forest\Saves\YYY

Where “XXX” is your User Account Name and “YYY” your SteamID.

Note: Depending on your Windows Version, you have to enable “show hidden Files” to see the AppData Folder.

Alternatively you just can add “\AppData” to your Path while in your User Folder.

  1. Locate your fresh created Savegame.
  2. Copy the File “WorldObjectLocatorManagerSaveData.json” to a seperate Folder.
  3. Now copy your new created “WorldObjectLocatorManagerSaveData.json” from that Folder to your Savegame Folder (where you want to have your Trees respawned).

(Backup the old one. Even Better: the whole Folder. Just in Case.)

  1. Start SotF, load your Savegame and enjoy.


  • If there are Trees you don’t want to have in/around your Base/House, cut those Trees before anything else. Save and do the same Steps as described above.
  • Just this time, with the “WorldObjectLocatorManagerSaveData.json” from your Savegame and keep this File as “regrow” Backup in a different Folder.
Created by Lance

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