Stardew Valley – Guide to Effortlessly Specializing in Agriculture

With this guide you will be able to organize your field effortlessly.

Effortlessly Specializing in Agriculture

Follow the steps and get the perfect field.

First you need 4 people and then 5 people with you. It doesn’t matter if the characters are black or white, you will enslave each of them equally, make sure you give them each a copper hoe and a piece of soil to do their work.

When it comes to watering, don’t leave them alone, plants always like hand watering.

If the workers want money for their work, give them a glass of water and a slice of watermelon and order them back to work.

Always have a sharp sword or a good whip if you have one so that the workers do not rebel against you.

Once you have done these necessary things, you will have a perfect field. The wages paid to the workers are completely at your mercy.

Have a good game.

Created by OnlxNa

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