Starfield – 32:9 Fix

How to Fix

If you want to do the same and don’t know how:

  • Download this Hex Editor – ImHex (Click on “” at the bottom of the page).
  • Open it and drag&drop Starfield.exe file into ImHex.
  • Ctrl + F -> Hex tab -> Paste 8E E3 18 40 -> Click on search icon (next to input). It will automatically select found values.
  • Copy this 39 8E 63 40 and paste into ImHex. It will replace old values. After replacement, it should look like this.
  • Ctrl + S.
  • Close editor (without saving project).
  • Star game as usual.


It doesn’t work for Xbox / Game pass (need to find another hex signature). You need to do all steps with closed game.

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