Starfield – How to Place And Build Your Base

Outpost Guide

Outposts are terrestrial bases that you can build across a variety of planets in Starfield. These outposts can be used to help extract specific resources, house your Armillary, or keep useful companions.

To build an outpost in Starfield, all you will need to do is land on a habitable planet and pull out your scanner. Once at a suitable location, you can plant your outpost beacon. PC players can do this by pressing ‘R’ while Xbox users will need to press ‘X.’

Once your beacon has been placed, you will have a range of structures to build. Personally, I tend to use outposts as farms for certain resources. In order to do this, you will need to build an extractor as well as a power source. Once your extractor is functioning, you can leave it to gather your desired resource while you are away, though I also recommend building containers so they don’t fill up too quickly.

Before building anything in your outpost, you will see what resources you need to complete the project. Since most structures will require common materials, I suggest stocking up on Copper, Iron, Tungsten, and plenty of Aluminum.

You should also be aware that your outpost can be susceptible to attacks from space pirates, local wildlife, or even the Starborn. Given you won’t always be there to defend your outpost yourself, you should look into building turrets and stationing companions to protect your base.

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