Starship Troopers: Extermination – Relentless Horde Tips and Tricks

Horde Tips and Tricks

After alot of battles against the bugs in the relentless horde mode, I want to share some tips n trick for you guys. Some maybe know this but some are not, so here what I want to share:

  • Always Place Atleast 1 Scan Beacon in The Mobile HQ or Around The HQ

This is necessary, especially in late game. The scan beacon not just allow you deal more damage to bugs highlight the bugs near the HQ but also highlight the bugs near the HQ. It will let you n ur team know the bugs are close to HQ n need to deal with it fast .

  • If You Play Bastion, Don’t Be Afraid of Die

When you play Bastion, I suggest a extened mag n increase armor to melle bugs with heal beacon. If the defense like bunker or wall around the HQ was destroy, you will be the last line of defense. Go to the place where the defense was broke, turn on siege mode, place heal beacon n defend the HQ to the dead (combie with scan beacons around the HQ if your teammates then your the bunker and the sentry gun at the same time). You might save the day .

  • Build More Constructions

Waste of ressource? Maybe, but it will be a nice target for plasma grenadies. More walls or more gates or more tower is the great distraction for those grenadies so they wont forcus fire on some place around the HQ defense.

Tat all I can give you guys!

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