Starship Troopers: Extermination – Guide to Bastion and You

Tips I have learnt so far as Bastion, not a guide per say, just a collection of knowledge.

Bastion and You


Main Gun

  • Morita Mk3 SAW In small bursts does wonders helping team mates subdue and keep at bay hordes of enemy, what it lacks in damage it makes up for in its crowd control.
  • Morita Mk1 Your all-round general purpose, damage is increased but the lack of crowd control associated with the weapon means your ability to help out dp-wise is increased, however like all good tower defence games a good balance of Bastions with stagger inducing weapons against enemies accompanied by Mk1 or Mk1 Carbine users is always favourable.
  • Morita Mk1 Carbine A useful addition to the Mk1 line-up, your preference between Mk1’s as both can be useful if you find them to your taste.

Side Gun

  • TW102S Peacemaker A general purpose pistol with nothing exceptional about it other than it makes peace with Valaka Natives. However, a good all-round pistol when you need to switch quickly for those Drones, preserving main ammunition for long hauls.
  • TW109E Emancipator A pistol which utilizes stun over damage, utilized best with squadmates, allowing you to lock up multiple bugs, however with it’s limited 8 round capacity you will need to choose your shots wisely.


  • Proximity Bug Mine A useful gadget best used in choke points or behind walls as a last defence providing limited time to reconstruct barriers.
  • Thermo Charge A charge best used in choke points or at the front of walls prone to being mobbed, allowing a destructive wall clear that can be effective when used appropriately.
  • Shock Beacon A small amount of bias comes with this one, used frequently in my tours as last minute walls, wave holders for objectives, placed around your bunker down ability can also lock up melee attackers, allowing you to remain steadfast for longer. Put it around your base or Gas ARC if things feel as though they are becoming unfavourable, this crucial time can give dedicated citizens time to rebuild walls and quickly make choke points. I call it, my go to.
  • Nuclear Det Pack In many ways like the Thermo charge, but the control is reliant on forward thinking, allowing for uses in situations before spawns to be used, outside of raw damage, I have yet to find more strategical value other than creating your own bug Chernobyl.
  • Scan Beacon A beacon granting the ability to see through walls, primarily used in tight spaces or when people decide to recreate Maze Runner, allowing for swift identification of targets that might not be noticed within the chaos. A bug breach no matter how small, can lead to a buggered match and a swift run to the Valkyrie with sad boys.
  • Heal Beacon A beacon that provides healing, however if you have an evenly spread squad or team, chances are you will have enough healing from your operators.


  • MX90 Your classic grenade, standard damage, standard area of effect. Standard feeling of Euphoria as green goo explodes.
  • Hi-Ex A grenade with potent damage best used close to targets or for those feeling Babe Ruth enough to slog it onto a distant enemy for a reliably large source of damage. Considered useless if you miss though.
  • Cluster A grenade that when launched right can cause a medium area of stun or death to smaller enemies. I am unsure how to class this one as my experience with it has been underwhelming, maybe my arms aren’t strong enough to launch it to devastating effects.
  • Chem A good grenade with DoT potential, best used for when enemies are huddled together, there are many ways to achieve this. Discuss with your team in regards to utility synergy. Yes, you know exactly what I will say, that sweet shocky goodness.
  • Shock Can’t reach an area that needs a shockin’? Can’t scratch that electrifying itch to launch a bug zapper straight into the face of a bug? Then this is the grenade for you. For times when you’d rather be on a wall than on the ground. This grenade provides you with a reliable stun for times when groups of bugs are becoming problematic.


  • Harden Ceramic Plates A good perk for withstanding some of the gun bugs onslaught. If you find yourself consistently being taken out and not being able to crouch low enough behind your abilities shield, then this can make dealing with them somewhat more manageable.
  • Magazine Bandolier A perk which allows for more ammunition, this in turns grants the ability for longer hauls when running to unfortunately located gas mines. It also allows in turn in a way, an ammo crate to last longer as bastions will find themselves less likely to return constantly if they have another few magazines.
  • Synthetic Under-armour A perk allowing you to withstand more melee punishment, this giving you the ability to take more damage, combined with your lock down ability, utilities and main weapon, you should be able to hold the line and put yourself at the forefront of danger for your fellow man or woman. Bastions Become Bastions when Bunkered.
  • Powered Up Build-Tool Base building, repairing and general construction work becomes considerably quicker. I would suggest only getting this if you are a rare human who enjoys managing the logistics of a base mostly run on mountain dew and zinger stacker consuming bug destroyers.
  • Improved Grenade Cool down A perk allowing you to toss grenades at an increased rate, most likely best utilised on people who find themselves leaning towards herding bugs together for an explosive send off. Could also be useful in base defence as choke points and walls tend to have groupings of bugs.
  • Extended Magazine A perk that combined with Magazine Bandolier, can grant any bastion a rather hefty ammo package, and what has bugs dropping their jaws quicker than a hefty ammo package? The bullets you be sprayin’ from your metal meat mincer. Favourable for those bastions wanting to role-play their Overwatch namesake.

General Tips

  • Bastions ability can allow him to instantly knock back any bugs immediately around him granting you the ability to save people being mobbed, co-coordinating with other bastions to lock down objectives being swarmed, granting crucial seconds for others to utilise the time given for repairs or to lay down fire. Remember team mates running from being attacked aren’t shooting, more guns TOWARDS the bugs, less ass.
  • Bastions ability can also provide cover from gunner bugs in favourable deployments of this ability, allowing also shielding anyone within.
  • Bastions can either be great stunners/Staggers with ammunition for many engagements, or they can be bullet raining Rambo, but remember a balance is always good.
  • The game isn’t about you, it is about us, provide support whenever you can. Because you have the biggest arsenal, doesn’t mean you can’t build or repair. Fill a role if you are wandering, and if you find that you are hearing the sweet calls of the base a.i telling you that your base is under attack, remember, she just wants you home Bro.
  • Thank players for providing you with ammo within your ability, having not to reset your cool down within a wave just to sprint for ammo is worthy of a ass-slap in the locker room after game day.
  • Respect those that feed you ammo.
  • Respect those that feed you meds.
  • They will respect you.
  • For all you leave dead.

Your Friends and You!

As a solo player with limited people to play with, it isn’t always bad to team with randoms, always give yourself the chance to make new friends, form new ideas, and create better defences. We are all in this together.

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