The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Best Endings Guide (Including DLCs)

Hello, today I’m going to teach you how to get the best ending in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Main Story, DLC: Hearts Of Stone, and DLC: Blood & Wine. Try to read slowly, then you will inevitably get the best endings even if you don’t use the keyboard.

Main Story Best Ending

Okay, this part is a bit controversial because some think that Ciri’s story prepares her to become an empress, while others (including me) want Ciri to do what she loves: become a Witcher and travel the world. But it would be selfish to just tell “The Witcher Ciri End”, so I’ll tell you both.

How to Get The Witcher Ciri End?

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART During the ‘Naked Mountain’ quest, when you are presented with options, select ‘Then to Velen’ and DO NOT put Ciri in contact with the emperor. – Comfort him by choosing I know what can cheer you up during the ‘Blood on the Battlefield’ quest – Send him alone to meet with the Sorcerers’ Lodge. ALONE. Let her learn what it means to be a big girl. (It’s not bad to peek through the door hole, by the way. Because it’s Yen <3) – Don’t oppose Avallach about dismantling his lab, and get some stress out together. Just like a father and daughter… – DON’T BE A BEAUTIFUL FOOL AND JOIN Ciri AT VISIT SKJALL’S TAUGHT. THAT MAN SAVED YOUR Daughter’s LIFE! Once you’ve done all that, your “The Witcher Ciri End” is ready. Now let’s move on to “The End of Empress Ciri”

How to Get The Empire Ciri End?

Do everything I listed above except for the MOST IMPORTANT PART. Get the Emperor and Ciri in touch, but DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY! – Complete the specified quests: An Eye for an Eye, Deadly Conspiracy, Redanya’s Most Wanted – Do not break Dijkstra’s wrist while removing Philippa. – Kill Radovid and side with Ves and Vernon Roche against Dijkstra during the quest “Wisdom of the State”. If you’ve done all of these, congratulations. You did everything necessary for ‘The End of Empress Ciri’ and pushed Ciri to live as something she didn’t want to be… You can continue reading with the Hearts Of Stone DLC…

Hearts of Stone DLC Best Ending

How to Get The Best End in Hearts of Stone DLC?

This ending can be easily missed because to get the best ending you have to do something ‘optional’. Shanyle after your ‘moon trip’ (if you did) ‘What a Man Sows…’ A task will appear. And you will be presented with the option ‘Visit Shani’. IF YOU WANT THE BEST END, YOU HAVE TO VISIT IT.

Your visit will get you into the university. It will say goodbye afterward, but you can visit it one last time before you finish the entire DLC. You will meet a man named ‘Professor Shakeslock’ and he will tell you what you need to do to ‘beat’ Gaunter O’Dimm. Afterwards, he will die because he has ‘left out of the circle’.

Then go on your final mission and challenge Gaunter in a ‘mind game’ to prevent the death of Olgierd Von Everec. It will ask you a riddle and teleport you to a strange place. . Along the way you will come across some ‘fake answers’ and enemies and you will find the real answer in a castle-like place (but before you get there you will encounter a Scavenger and there will be a ‘Witcher Viper Sword’ behind it). There is an old fountain there and you can see the wall turns red when you activate your Witcher senses and you will see that you need to use your Aard sign. When you do, the water will spill out and fill the fountain.

A cinematic will enter and that will be the end of the Hearts Of Stone DLC. At the end of the cinematic, Olgierd will give you his beloved sword Iris. I still wield that sword, and it’s very enjoyable to use. But watch out. A double-edged sword. You’ll understand what I’m talking about when you get there. Thanks for reading my guide on The Best Hearts Of Stone Ending. Have a nice day. You can continue reading with Blood & Wine. Just scroll down …

Blood & Wine DLC Best Ending

How To Get The Best End In The Blood & Wine DLC?

Here we go. This ending is totally based on your dedication to GWENT (or your gold amount :D) because to get the best ending in Blood&Wine DLC you have to do the following -YOU MUST JUMP THE UNSEEN ANCIENT AND SAVE SYANNA FROM THE TALE LAND. -Talk to the little girl selling something like fortune cookies; 1-) YOU MUST EAT AT GWENT FOR THE RIBBON OR 2-) YOU SHOULD GIVE MONEY FOR THE RIBBON If you do not take the RIBBON, you have swallowed the pill. Say goodbye to the best ending. Because that ribbon is somehow magical, and when Dettlaff comes to Tesham Mutna to kill Syanna, it fails—if you have the ribbon—because that ribbon sends Syanna back to the Fairytale Land just before her gruesome death. Then you must defeat Dettlaff, but the story does not end there. You must reconcile the sisters and for this you must do the following; When your celebration preparations are finished, you will go to Syanna’s ‘cell’. You have to get him to forgive his brother or you will end up with both brothers dead. So How To Do This; – When you arrive at his room, your dialogue selection should be as follows; 1-Because he turned his back on you, he forgot you 2- Have you ever thought about forgiveness? 3- He was a child – Then tell Damien you know who the 5th victim is. – When the Duchess asks you how you feel, you don’t have to say that Syanna tried to kill her. Don’t mess around… – Finally; Duchess, while you and Syanna ‘discuss’ your choice of dialogue is as follows;

  1. Syanna’s crimes were terrible, but she had reasons.
  2. (You already have a choice here) You were children then, both of you.

Now you can relax and chat with your dear friend Regis. The whole story is over. After that, a quest called ‘No Place Like Home’ will appear and when you go home; 1- Yennefer <3 (If You Chose Her) 2- Triss (If You Chose Her) 3- Ciri (If She’s Alive And You Haven’t Chose Anyone [Or Chose Both]) 4- Dandelion (If Ciri Is Dead, If You Chose Nobody [Or Chose Both] And If You Got The “Good Ending” On B&W) 5- Zoltan (If Ciri Is Dead, If You Chose Nobody [Or Chose Both] And If You Got “Bad Ending” On B&W) From now on you can spend your days with the person you picked from the list above…

When I first finished this game, I couldn’t help myself and a few tears fell from my eyes. This game means a lot to me. And something like this will never happen again because when you’re done you realize that it wasn’t just a ‘game’, it was the ‘meaning of life’. I want to thank CDPR for creating such a masterpiece, and I leave you with a few screenshots I took of myself at the end of the game. Thank you for reading my ‘BEST ENDINGS IN WITCHER 3’ guide. I wish you a good day

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