Valheim – Building an Efficient House

Building an efficient house at the beginning is very important as you are not going to spend too much time in only one place.


At the beginning of your journey, you will need to move around a lot, so building a house that makes you feel rested and is easy to build is essential to move around without major discomfort.

Basically you need a campfire near your bed so you can sleep through the night, this is the best approach as you feel cold at night and you don’t have the appropriate clothing at the beginning.

But having a campfire inside your house can damage you, as the smoke have physics it can clutter on your roof and you can choke to death, the most straightforward idea to go around this issue is by opening only a little bit of your roof, but this can cause your campfire to go out on a rainy day. So here is the most balanced (that i have tried) approach you can have for building a efficient house.

Having holes by the side of your roof are very beneficial, the smoke clutters on the roof but it goes sideways and goes away, as you can see on the image, i have shelter, comfort and i’m rested too!

Make sure the roof directs the smoke to the window (look at the example images, its pretty straightforward), otherwise it will clutter and damage you.

But beware, if you want to create a house with a second floor, i highly recommend you too:

  1. Raise your roof so that you will not choke to death when you go up the stairs to your second floor
  2. If it is a very big house, create walls that separate the second floor rooms so that no smoke invades any room

Size Doesn’t Matter

You can have this approach to any house basically, of course there are tons of styles and you can apply that to many famous viking styled buildings.

I have made a bigger house, the size will meet your personal needs, most of the times we need a trunk to store our items and some extra space to build certain things to upgrade our workbench, some people might prefer having 3 campfires and so on…

The basic idea is to have everything inside your house and very near, so let your creativity flow!

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