Valheim – Useful Tips for New Players

Useful Tips

Once you defeat the Elder and have all the bronze gear and Black Forest foodstuffs that you could want the next biome is the Swamp. You’ll be looking for Swamp Crypts and using the Swamp Key that the Elder dropped to get into them so keep it handy. This will start your progression into the Iron Age. You’ll also want to build all the upgrades for your forge and workbench that the Bronze Age unlocks. The Swamps are especially deadly at night, so take care.

Work your way through all of the biomes. Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp, Mountains, Plains, and finally Mistlands. Craft better gear, build a bigger house, grow/gather better food. Hop in your Karve and go exploring. The world needs to be conquered!

Tip would be dont go into the swamp until you have full bronze armor, bronze axe or bronze weapon and upgrade your armor to at least level 2. I may even reccomend upgrading and making a set of troll armor for corpse run armor and or an extra set of bronze armor. Otherwise the monsters will be 1-3 shotting you even with good food.

The copper farming kinda sucks and takes awhile. My thoughts are that this was the supposed time you may need to build a proper base before the difficulty begins to spike.

The swamp in my opinion is the start of the biomes getting more difficult. I definitely would properly prepare myself. You are constantly “wet” also, avoid being there at night if possible.

You will want at least in my opinion T2-T3 Troll armor and a bronze axe also T2 if possible.

Buckler if you can afford it or just upgrade your wood shield.

Lvl 2 bow with plenty of arrows wood or fire should be fine. Full rested buff and a outpost/base right next to the biome.

Royal Jam. Jerky and probably deer meat should be good enough foods. If you took your time even more and got a cultivator made and started to grow carrots you could have deer stew and carrot soup within a few days {assuming you found carrot seeds in the black forest)

Progress slowly and bring a hoe to help level out the terrain and make land bridges to help you not have to swim so much.

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