Valheim – Abomination Melee Guide (Moveset/Strategy)

How to effectively defeat Abominations with melee.

How to Defeat Abomination


The abomination is resistant to pierce and blunt so choose a weapon appropriately like the bronze axe. I prefer to use the abyssal razor which can be easily obtained during the “bronze age”

The abomination is fairly tanky so I recommend parrying it, I personally used a fully upgraded bronze buckler however a lvl 1 banded shield or iron buckler would also be sufficient.

The left arm sweep is my favourite to parry. After that it will almost always do the right arm slam, which you can avoid by walking (roll unnecessary) towards the center of its body.

If you spend too long near its center body it will do a bellyflop, to avoid this walk backwards immediately or roll to be safe. It has an an area affect so be careful you will still get hit even if the abomination itself doesn’t hit you. To avoid activating this move just attack its arms only.

You will likely get swarmed by enemies while fighting the abomination so I suggest bringing good food, poison resist and health potion. The abomination is fairly slow so kite away while dealing with the other enemies. This is the hardest part of the fight and be prepared to get back quickly and finish the fight if you die.

Created by Urakuya

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