Video Horror Society – Status Effects

Status Effects

Status effects are displayed that the bottom of your screen. They can be buffs or debuffs to your character. Most will have an outer ring to show how long they will last for.


Agony is only applied from a Plague the Monster brings in. It increases the rate in which teens on the ground bleed out by 250% of the normal rate for 11 seconds. You normally lose health at about .5% per second


A blunder happens from a missed minigame skillcheck. It slows your crafting progress by 50% for 5 seconds.


Cowering is similar to disrupted, but is caused by Werewolf’s Howl ability. The duration cannot be increased with SCREAM FEST.


When a Monster gets a successful hit, they Scream, causing a wave of disruption in a 30m radius around where they are. If a Teen is caught in the range, they are disrupted for a base of 5 seconds. The perk SCREAM FEST can increase the duration to 5.6, 6.2, and 6.8 seconds. Disrupted teens cannot revive, heal, use items, craft, or use weapons. It won’t stop the activation of perks.


The other side can see your aura (an outline of your body). Capturing the rift, perks, mutations, and mods can all cause you to be exposed. You don’t take more damage with this status effect, it only gives the information of where you are.


This is a mechanic that empowers the Monster. Each time the monster gets a successful attack, their rage meter goes up about 33% (see Monster section for a more detailed breakdown). An empowered Monster’s next attack will cause the Teen they hit to go prone immediately. Any stun or banish against the monster will remove the effect.

Skill Boost

A crafting speed increase after getting a “perfect” skill check. It increases your crafting speed by roughly 50% for 1 second.


Stagger is currently only applied by a Wart’s leap shock-wave. It only slows a Teen’s movement speed by about 75% (similar to the speed they are when they are attacking with a weapon).


The Jammed status effect can happen through the Plague of Dread It reduces your crafting and healing speed by 50% for 20 seconds.


Vision is a buff gained through multiple means and means that you’re able to see the aura of the other team. The most common causes are the rift and noisemakers but there are multiple perks, mutations, and mods that can cause it.

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