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Scoring Points

During the game, certain actions give you points in categories. There are 4 Categories and the max level of points you can earn in a single one is 4000, making a score of 16000 a perfect game. These points give you experience in whichever character you were playing, as well as Account Level experience.

Actions that award points appear in the top right!

The point values I have are subject to change!

You can get more or less depending on some factors but this should give you a better understanding of which actions give you which category!

Teen Points


Interacting with objects, either by crafting, opening containers (vending, BOTD box, or trashcans), or using items (eating/drinking).

  • SKILLCHECKS – 200 GOOD, 250 GREAT. MOST I’ve seen is 5 for 1 Raygun craft. Shocksphere charging doesn’t award points.
  • Found Item (450 for unlocking Soda same for Candy machine + wastebasket)
  • Drank Pop (100)
  • Trap Disarmed (50) Kill an inactive doll
  • Eat Chompie (100) Only works if missing HP
  • Open book of the Dead (600~) Just open the book. Dead pining gives grit, reviving someone is Coop.
  • Walkie Talkie Time (partial points if turned off early. 250 full duration)
  • Reveal with noisemaker (225 only works if monster walks over it)


Grit is how well you’re surviving. Escaping chases, collecting luma, healing yourself, as well as winning the game gives you 1000 + about 150 per % life you have left (1/2 hp will get you 750)

  • Chase Duration (down, hit or escape / points depend on duration. 60-90. got 27 for having the chase symbol for 5 seconds. 114 for 28~ seconds of chase symbol. 148 for 20~ seconds at end of game with weapon? 73 for 14 seconds with weapon. 32 for 6 seconds with weapon it was ambush kill. 162 for 25 second chase)
  • Luma Absorbed (111, 119, 97, 90, 107, 145. Luma seems to grow in “potency” and reward more points depending on their life span.)
  • Shatter Armor (325) ~ may have changed
  • Escaped from Long Chase (85 for a 5 seconds need to double check)
  • Self Heal (255 full heal w/ staff OR medkit)
  • Life Loss Prevented (for a WIN after taking 2 hits. around 65% HP for 806. 1166 for only 1 hit) You get this once you win depending on how much health you have at the end of the match.
  • Survived Match (1000) simply by winning (with health?)
  • Pinging book of the dead while in Death Spectral form (500)


Anything that helps your teammates. Healing/picking up off floor, assisting with weapon strikes, etc.

  • Guardian (250 getting hit from healthy)
  • Revive Assist (88 for just pickup, 490 for full pickup with another teen helping, 691 for around 80%)
  • Heal Assist (950~ for full heal, 1021 full healx2)
  • Chase assist (shattered armour when other people were also being chased, also ended in someone else getting a wound, 300 for being a part of a chase where someone else got a kill? maybe rewarded for pathing into a weapon )
  • Wound Assist (300-850) Shattering armour can help with this but assisting with damage before the wound will award points
  • Resurrection (1250) Use the book of the Dead on a teammate.


Damaging the Monster/minions with weapons.

  • Weapon Crafted (400) Finish crafting any weapon
  • Damaged monster(varies) Just damaging the monster will award points
  • Wound Monster (850) Get a Stigma
  • Damaged Monster (60% damage then hid behind wall 140, 60% with sword 130)
  • Killing Blow (850)
  • Stun Monster (500)
  • Destroyed Minion (500) Kill a doll with a weapon

Monster Points


Dealing damage to teens.

  • Teen Injured (100) hitting teen armed and unarmed.
  • Teen Downed (150-200) unarmed.
  • Teen Defeated (350) killing a teen.


Being in chase with teens. More points if the teens have a weapon but you don’t get struck.

  • Chase Duration roughly 38 points per second the chase lasts. Chases start when you are within around 15m of a teen and you’re both running with line of sight. Ends roughly 5~ seconds after Line of Sight is broken and enough distance is gained.
  • Unscathed In Long Chase (85 no weapon).


Using you power to damage teens.


  • Armored Attack (200(+100)
  • Leap Attack (200(+100) Hitting While teen is staggered, or 1.5 seconds after landing
  • Echolocated (300) Hit teens while after image is FORMED. Hitting too early won’t award points.


  • Hunt attack (225) Attack while hunting
  • Howl Attack – Attack a cowering Teen
  • Berserk attack – Attack while berserk is active

Doll Master

  • Jump Attacks – Attacking within 1.5 seconds after using your Doll Jump ability (can be mid air)
  • Normal doll attacks
  • Teleporting away from armed Teen


Damaging armed teens.

  • Hit Armed Teen (175)
  • Rage Knockdown (325) Hit a teen while enraged
  • Wounds Avoided (425-1700 per stigma remaining) awarded at end of match
  • Hit Chopper (150) – blow up flying RC copter
  • Rift Capture (550)
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