Warframe – Easy Way to Farm Steel Essence

An Other Way to Farm Steel Essence


For good efficiency you should go at least as duo team.

  • Saryn – Just kills everything.
  • Khora – Enemies who survive Saryn should catch by Khora.
  • (Optional) Nova – *Speed Nova.
  • (Optional) NYX, Octavia, Trinity, etc.

+SMEETA Kavat for Luck.

(Simple builds-> Small example).


Select Zabala on Eris.

(Optional) Search this spot!

In this Spot you have at least 2 Big and 3 small doors nearby. It means many enemy CAN spawn.


You guys should stand any times nearby, so the enemies can spawn in a good speed.

  • Saryn – Just kill.
  • Khora – Does a Strangledome in the middle of the pit to catch fast enemy that have much live or hold enemy that haven’t been hit by spores yet.


Minute 0-50 should not drop that much, maybe a maximum of 1-5 steel essence.

By start at minute 55 there should be definitely more Eximus enemy than ,,normal” enemy.

You should get now have a drop all 1-3 minutes.

With booster and no Cat this was the result my first try.

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