Warframe – How to Get Colored Flowers on the Helminth

The color of the flower that grows on the helminth depends on how you colored your frame that will be fed to helminth.

Anatomy of Colors

  • The Primary color is responsible for the petals
  • The Secondary color is responsible for the color of the stamens
  • The Tertiary color will give the color of the stem
  • Accents are responsible for additional spots on the petals
  • Emissive (no idea yet)
  • The Energy is responsible for the color of the glow from the center of the flower

Coloring Test

Here is one of the many tests. Unfortunately, I don’t have any spare frames to feed the helminth, so I have only screenshot in Ukrainian from the previous guide.

Colors from top-to bottom: primary-secondary-tertiary-accents-emissive-energy.


As you can see, the red light in the helminth room affects the color, adding more warmth to it:

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