Warframe – Umbra Nova Prime Best Build

In this guide, got you guys just 1 powerful build here that makes Nova a bit tanky, and maximize her Molecular Prime potential. Check this out on how to achieve this!

What You Need

Umbral Mods and Arcane Guardian any other Arcanes you think is helpful. Molecular Fission for augment mod.

Molecular Prime Build

Note the stats on Str. You just need 150-160 Str to cap the movement speed on enemies. The rest is max duration. Arcanes put whatever you want, I do recommend Guardian though for extra armor, and the aura mod you can put Health or armor. Magus Elevate replaces Rejuvenation, but if you do not have that arcane, you can put Rejuvenation.

The Video Showcase

This video talks about my reasons behind the mods, the playstyle on how to make this build work as well as a gameplay demo of this build.

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