Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Controller and Mouse Conflict (Solved)

How to Fix

If you play with a controller and mouse, the mouse will not work when the controller left stick is activated.

OK after 4 days of tinkering, I seem to have resolved this.

  • 1) In the Steam controller settings, I changed the controller left stick to act as a D Pad with WASD settings. This allowed the mouse to work but the movement was not smooth.
  • 2) I went back to using ReWASD (key mapping program). I mapped the left stick to WASD and that seemed to smooth out the left stick and make it smooth like a stick and not a D Pad.

Before you brilliantly comment “git gud use a KB/M”, some of us have a disability that require this and the main reason to use a KB/M anyway is for mouse aiming which this also has.

This is a hack until Fatshark fixes this.

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