Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Veteran Guide: Chainsaw, Plasma, Sustain

The Tree

The tree is pretty simple, purge your way trough with plasma and chainsword. If you’re about to get disposed of that is when you trigg your invisibility, when your ally goes down that is when you trig your invisibility, when anything goes wrong that’s when you trig your invisibility, it is not a tool to enhance your dmgs, it is an amazing tool that gives the whole team a LOT of sustainability.

You can reposition when things don’t go as planned as you have 2 charges try to keep one for the time when someone goes down.

Of course your could display more dmgs but on my opinion we already have a build that gives your enough dmg to carry trough auric levels. So what we want to add at some point is control, you get it with invisibility repositioning and healing but also with the smokes grenades wich feels almost as useful as the psyker’s barrier but it’s 45s total duration or a much wider area it’s up to your judgement on the go.

We also grab sustenance perks on the go that allow us to make use of the formidable atk speed buff with the chainsaw wich should focus on it’s atk speed stats, piercing perks and the 10% melee dmg against elites boost so you can even OTK the mutants with a light active strike while giving 10% boost against ANY bothering ennemy.

The plasma wants both the 25% boosts against unyelding and heavy armored ennemies. I also recommand the 50% critrate f. heat and the armor melting perks. you can just spamm armored gauntlets that’s less ammo consuming and keep charged shots for unyelding (bosses).

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