Wartales – Best Starting Party and Bonus / Negatives

Best Starting Party and Bonus / Negatives

I’d say the bonus combat XP is the best on region locked. Leveling in this game is very slow (not much XP per encounter), so any boost to XP you can get is welcome. For adaptive, probably the critical damage boost. You don’t really need con unless you’re running an animal heavy party. Armor+Guard matters a lot more than HP for humans.

Rest danger is probably the best disadvantage. More rest encounters=more XP and, as I mentioned, leveling is painfully slow in this game.

For your starting mercs:

  • Swordsman: Strong, Thick-Skinned, Drunkard
  • Warrior, Brute, Spearman: Strong, Bloodthirsty, Drunkard
  • Archer, Ranger: Nimble, Bloodthirsty, Drunkard

The reason for Drunkard is that you can remove it by not-consuming alcohol for 10 meals. You can’t do the same with other disadvantages.

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