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Tips and Tricks

When you slect 1 merch pressing the tab key automatically rotates to the next.

I spent HOURS clicking each merc 1 by 1 looking for some1 to compare gear and i learned 2 days ago if i hold the mouse over the “helmet” in my inventory then pressed tab, the merc would rotate and in the helmets description it would tell me if they could equip it or not AND compare the stats to what he/she was wearing currently.

Then hover over the next item of gear you want to see if its better than any currently equipped to check all of that class of gear.

Right-click on abilities that have a range in combat and you can then click on movement to see if going to a space will let you reach a target within that ability’s range.

Companions attacking the same enemy, healing/buffing each other and sitting near each other in camp raises their relationship and once they hit +3 they are most likely going to fall in love, so if you’re one of the “Only heterosexual relationships allowed in this company” crowd, make up duos of male/female companions and keep them working only with each other.

Steal your ass off. Especially at the beginning. It makes a huge difference to your bottom line, and to keep everyone fed. Keep your suspicion below the cutoff, or you’ll have to dodge guards all the time. Also, turning in prisoners you capture lowers your suspicion, and gets you extra gold. You can only turn in outlaws, so former military units, or whatever will not be accepted at the jail.

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