Ready or Not – How to Finish Greased Palms in Singleplayer

This is how you do it…


Bring order to chaos

(Yeah you are not clearing out 18 of these mfs with sniper glocks)

Rescue All of the Civillians

(Pretty easy to do if there would not have been so many enemies)

Arrest FISA Agent Adams

(If you will survive all of the 17 suspects this guy has a 100% headshot chance also your teammates will kill this man most of the time. This man does not have lungs so don’t try any pepperball weapons, he is going to get one shot with the beanbag shotgun everytime and I wish you good luck if you try to get close with a taser)

Arrest Maria Lopez

(Just a civillian)

Find Eugene Gomez

(Literally Maria Lopez but male)

Locate the FISA Office

(There is no point in looking for it unless you already finished all the other objectives)


This one is easy you either leave as soon as possible (the good option) or you get shot through a box/window which you could not see through (huge case of skill difference).

Dangerous Boxes:

This Window:

Created by Nemix

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