Abiotic Factor – Flathill (Walkthrough Guide)

How to Navigate Flathill

Entering Flathill

You start off in Flathill, chilling in a treehouse. Gotta watch your step though, because one wrong move and bam! Fractured leg. No bueno. But hey, good thing there’s an Exit Portal nearby, so if things go south, you can bail and restock.

Once you’re on solid ground, you’ll see a Garage and a Supermarket. Nice and safe there, no Giants to worry about. But step outside that zone and it’s game on with those big fellas.

After you venture out, you’ll spot a Videostore. Inside, there’s a soldier decked out in some funky gear. Talk to him and he’ll lay out the mission in a catchy tune. Gotta love a good sing-song briefing.

Power Cell #1

Navigating Flathill can be a real maze, especially when every door’s locked tighter than a vault. But fear not, here’s my playbook for making it through unscathed.

Stick to the edges whenever you can, and always keep those Giants out of sight. Remember, they might have big heads, but they ain’t got eagle eyes. Just make sure their torsos are blocked, and you can sneak right past.

Keep on the straight and narrow until you hit the park. Watch out for a Giant patrolling the road and another one in the park itself. Wait for a clear shot before you dash into the park. There’s a handy Restroom there for a quick pit stop or hideout if you get spotted.

Now, look for the playground. It’s like a beacon of color in this dull place.

Once you’re there, spot the gate and sneak through the side. A Giant’s patrolling nearby, but lucky for us, he can’t see through chain-link fences. Hide behind it till he turns away, then follow the road till you see a building with a statue out front. Slip inside, but be careful if you’ve been spotted, those Giants can stoop low enough to follow you through doors. Best wait till they cool off before going in.

Inside the building, there’s a bunch of doors, but you’re after the Yellow Door on the second floor.

Once through that door, you’ll find the Power Cell waiting for you. Grab it, and voila! Portal time. One down, two to go. Head on through and let’s keep this adventure rolling.

Power Cell #2

After you step through the portal, you’ll find yourself on top of a new building. Slide through the vent and drop down into an Arcade! Safe zone alert! Fully stocked with nachos and salt, plus a handy bathroom with clean water.

Now, the door you’re after is upstairs, but first, hit up the Exit Door. Unlocking it will give you a shortcut back here if things go south.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the White Van. It’s your ticket to hop the fence or climb over. Just watch out, those Giants have some weird sixth sense in there, so check for ’em before you jump in.

Upstairs, you’ll hit another set of stairs blocked off like they’re VIP only. Ignore that nonsense and hop over the chain. There’s another yellow door waiting for you, leading to a ladder. Climb up (watch out for those wonky ladder physics), and snatch your next Power Cell! Just one more to go.

Before you portal-hop again, zip over to the left for a ladder and a locked gate. Unlock it, and you’ll connect back to the First Portal Location. Easy peasy.

Power Cell #3

Once you step through the portal, you’ll land in a Library. Heads up, it’s not safe here. Two Giants are on the prowl among the bookshelves, but if you know your way around, you can slip by ’em no problem.

Head through the wide opening and take an immediate right. There’s another shelf leaning on one side that you can use as a ramp to get on top of the shelves. Just remember, those Giants can still grab you up there, so stay nimble.

Once you’re up top, stick to the right wall until you find the ramp down, then follow the light to a set of doors. Giants can squeeze through those doors, so shake ’em off before you go through.

Now, enjoy the scenery as you cross the bridge to the Lab. Outside, you’ll find a fountain of Tainted Water (Clean Water in the Demo), and inside, there’s a bunch of computers and crafting stuff. This place could be your new base once you head down the ladder and unlock the gate by the home portal.

Ready to move on? Head through the Elevator, but watch out, there’s a Giant waiting outside once those doors open. If it spots you, head back down and wait for it to chill out. If it’s relentless, you might have to make a break for it.

If you do, remember this: make a dash for the back left section of the Lab, then up the stairs. Parkour across the terminals to the other side. Giants can still nab you up there, so I’d suggest leading it up the stairs before you attempt the parkour. Oh, and unlock the door underneath before you head up. Makes it easier for you or your buddies to get up without the acrobatics.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll find the final Power Cell. Snatch it, and a portal will pop up at the edge of the diving board. Get a running start, ’cause you’ll need to take a leap of faith to reach it. Once you’re through, you’re back in the Facility, armed with all the Cells you need to open up the Maintenance Corridor.

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