Among Us – How to Be a Good Imposter on the Skeld

So, you’re having some trouble playing imposter, the game just stared and your already suspicious. “How?” you think “How in the world do you play this game?”. Well, you need to start here, with the basics.

How to Get Away with Murder

Being an Imposter, a very important life skill is knowing how to create a full proof murder sequence. And not just a “I have an alibi” thing, no, i mean a murder so well done that it couldn’t possibly have been you. The Skeld is an unforgiving place though, there are very few times where you can actually murder someone in cold blood, so you’ll have to make an alibi.

But….. for the places you can make murders happen, here are some examples on what to do.

  1. In back site (near reactors) you can close doors from top, bottom, and security, this is very useful because you can easily walk into security, kill someone, walk out, block the door, and create and alibi saying that the door was locked and someone must have vent hopped into there (this works better if you report your own murder, giving you even further of an alibi.
  2. Another back site kill can be created in an almost identical way. First simply close yourself off in electrical with someone else, then kill them, vent hop into security, block off reactors, walk out of security and block that off, and make your alibi that security was blocked off. So there was no way you could have vent hopped.
  3. For a murder on front site the safest route would be to murder someone near or in admin, security is a massive threat in the front hall from weapons to shields, and in the hall from cafe to storage, but breaking communications is basically throwing because it brings everyone to the scene of the murder. So the best chance is to block cafe, block storage, kill in admin, hope that no one is watching security, vent hop out to shield hall, walk into shields or communications, then walk to storage while the doors are locked, then walk either to electrical or back to admin and report.

Extra Notes

Here are some extra things to note while running around in the Skled

  • Don’t panic just because something didn’t go your way, no one is perfect.
  • Don’t be blatantly suspicious, don’t chase people, walk into a room and instantly close doors, or make predictable sabotages.
  • You can know if someone is watching you from security if the cameras in the Skeld are blinking.
  • Take note of how many tasks you should have completed during the course of the game, and what each task actually looks like.
  • Breaking communications will stop security cameras, as well as breaking the admin room ‘thing’.
  • Don’t sabotage something your next to, or else you will be suspicious for not fixing the sabotage.
  • PLEASE take into account how long it takes to do certain tasks, and also where multi-area tasks take you, or else you’ll just look like an idiot running around.
  • You can trick people into thinking you’ll fix the Oxygen sabotage as long as no one is near you for an easy yet trust-breaking win.
  • Remember that vent hopping into another room does not mean you have an alibi, it just means you were in a different room.
  • Always make sure that you hide bodies long enough to kill multiple people, because the more people you kill, the less general accusations there will be.
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