ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – Balteus Boss Guide (Easy Way)

Balteus in 2 Minutes Guide

In case you’re having a hard time with Balteus. I made a build for the battle which could defeat him in under 2 minutes. Enjoy!

Hey it’s Butter! Balteus can be a tough boss fight and FromSoftware’s skillcheck especially if your AC build has weaknesses against it. However, with this build, you can defeat Balteus in under 2 minutes!

To start, focus on building your AC’s Attitude Stability stat to make it less likely to get staggered and focus on our damage output. The Tan Qiang parts are ideal for this build as they provide high defense and Attitude Stability stats. For the weapon, we’re using the Laser Blade as it deals huge amount of damage, and a pulse gun to help take down enemy shield. I also use this vertical missile launcher as deals significant damage while maintaining little homing lock time.

To finish the build, add some OS tuning Boost kick. This will allow you to perform kicks after boosting and is one of the main ways to stagger your enemy. Another optional OS tuning is the Assault Armor, which is a great damage resource, but can only be used once.

The main combo for this build is Boost to your enemy > Hold and Trigger Pulse Gun > Kick when near the target and firing shoulder weapons when you have the chance to lock on. This will deplete Balteus’s shield while not worrying about damage since you’re a tank.

Once Balteus’s shield is depleted, it will be staggered, and this is the time to deal your main damage using the Assault Armor and charged or holding the Blade attack. Repeat this process until you defeat Balteus.

And that’s it! This is Video Game Butter. If this video helps you out, please like the video and share your thoughts on the game in the comments below. I hope this guide helps you defeat Balteus and enjoy playing Armored Core VI!

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