How to Struggle with Ibis

The Build

Use a tank build with gatlings (both arm) and stun needle launchers (both shoulders). For the frame, equip with tank legs and big arms and core armor. If you combine these parts, you will take less damage and dominate the war.

The Strategy

Finally, my strategy with this build during boss fight. Fire at will with gatlings to quicly stun boss and destroy shield. Then, if the boss stops moving, use both stun needle launcher to inflict big damage. And the fun part : if you succeed to stun boss with gatlings, you can use the stun needle launchers to DESTROY stunned boss. However, your gatlings will obviously overheat when firing for too long and the stun needle launcher takes a long time to reload after a shot. But don’t worry, your big frame will compensate these problems.


This build and strategy works at 100% success in every boss fight and arena fight.

PS: make sure to move though. You don’t want to be an easy target, do you?

Jan Bonkoski
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