Cyberpunk 2077 – Netrunner Build Tree (Update 2.0)

Basic Netrunner Build

Netrunner build that you can adapt and customize based on your preferences and the available options in the game. Netrunners in Cyberpunk 2077 specialize in hacking and controlling the digital world, making them a powerful force in both combat and stealth situations.

Here’s the Netrunner build:

  • Intelligence: 20

Max out Intelligence as it directly affects your hacking abilities. This should be your primary attribute.

  • Cool: 20

Invest some points in Cool to improve your stealth and evasion, which will help you avoid combat when necessary.

  • Technical abilities: 20

For particular perk tree take a look at this build planner.


Quickhacking Tree: Focus on perks in the Quickhacking skill tree, which includes abilities like “Breach Protocol,” “Mass Vulnerability,” and “Datamine Mastermind.” These will enhance your hacking capabilities and give you more control over enemies and the environment.

Stealth Tree: Invest in the Stealth skill tree to improve your sneaking abilities. “Cold Blood” perks can also be useful for increased survivability.

Crafting and Engineering: Consider investing in these skills to craft better cyberware and equipment that enhances your hacking abilities.


Operating System: Install a high-quality operating system with bonuses to hacking and quickhacking abilities.

Cyberdeck: Equip a cyberdeck that suits your playstyle, whether it’s focused on quickhacking, combat hacking, or both. Upgrading your cyberdeck is essential for unlocking more powerful hacks.

Neuralware: Look for neuralware that boosts your Intelligence attribute or provides bonuses to hacking abilities.

Weapons and Gear:

Non-lethal weapons: Choose non-lethal weapons like a tranquilizer pistol or non-lethal quickhacks to incapacitate enemies without killing them, which fits the Netrunner style.

Clothing: Wear clothing that boosts your Intelligence, Quickhacking, or Stealth skills, depending on your preferred playstyle.


As a Netrunner, your primary role is to control the digital world. Use your hacking abilities to:

  • Disable cameras and security systems.
  • Breach enemies to weaken or incapacitate them.
  • Distract enemies with quickhacks like “Ping” or “Reboot Optics” to create openings for stealth takedowns or escapes.
  • Hack into enemy cyberware and turn it against them.

Remember to play smart and utilize the environment to your advantage, avoiding unnecessary combat when possible. Customize your build further as you progress through the game, focusing on the playstyle that suits you best.

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