Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Change Party

How to Change Party

If you’re not sure how to add or remove companions in your party, this portion of the guide will explain how. First, if you run into a new companion and you’re worried about losing them because you’re full with four party members already, don’t worry. You can tell the companion to rest at your campsite for now. Afterward, you’ll need to visit your campsite by fast traveling or using a waypoint.

Not all areas allow fast traveling, but you can use the small wing button near the mini-map at the top-right. This is the fifth button from the top when going down the buttons on the right side of the mini-map. If you fast travel this way, just make sure to click the Camp location/waypoint to travel there. Then, you’ll notice any companions you’ve recruited thus far are here. This includes any companion currently in your party as well.

Talk to a companion in your party that you’d like to remove temporarily if you’re currently full. There should be an option along the lines of asking them to remain in the camp for now. They’ll ask a question making sure this is what you want to do to confirm your decision. This won’t have any negative reputation impact or anything else to worry about. Once they’re out of your party, talk to a companion you’d like to recruit instead. You should have an option to ask them to travel with you and they’ll happily do so.

Swapping Characters to Different Players

If you’re playing with other people online in a multiplayer session, you can pick who controls who. This is useful especially if you don’t have a full group of four people playing. You can decide who controls which companions so everyone has the setup they prefer. Fortunately, all this requires is pressing escape as the host, clicking session, and then adjusting who has who in here. As the screenshot above shows, you can use the little arrows below and above each character to move them to different players.

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