Baldur’s Gate 3 – Brothers Alive On Their Farm

How to get the dialogue with the Hag that shows the brothers survived and are on their farm.

How to Get That Dialogue

Ethel and the Brothers Conversation

In my play-through in order to save them I had to find them talking to Ethel near the bog entrance. In another save when I bypassed the bog entrance through the under-dark I found them dead.

Steps to Save Them

What worked for me was initiating the conversation and passing the insight check. Then I sided with the brothers asking about Mayrina. After Ethel leaves they will initiate another dialog with you.

How to Knock Them Unconscious

Now the important part. The game will only consider them alive. If when you knock them unconscious and the stat specifies ( Knocked Out Temporary). If it says only Knocked out the game treats them as dead.

Achieving Knocked Out Temporary

The way I was able to knock them out without the game considering them dead was to change character on the conversation they initiated.

Now with my party that is outside the dialog I went into hiding and turn based mode. And I used throw to lob a potion of sleeping on the brothers (Careful that it is possible for them to pass the saving throw). You need both of them to fall sleep.

Now that both are sleeping If you attack them from hiding and successfully one shot them and in doing so not initiate a battle(Use melee attacks). You can give both the status Knocked out temporary. When I did not use the sleeping potion. One would receive the temporary status and the other would receive knocked out and be considered dead by the game.

Happy in a Farm (At Least Not Dead)

Now that they are with the proper status that the game don’t consider them dead when you speak with the Hag you will have the dialog line to ask about her brothers. She will answer that they are alive and back at their farm.

Dunno If it will have any impact later in the game in keeping them alive. Since I am still at act 1. In previous patches there where other methods to keep them alive. I tried the ranger one and was unable to prevent them from going to the bog and dying.

Potion Of Sleepping

So far I found 2 potions of sleeping in act 1.

One is on blighted village on the counter inside the apothecary building. Not on the cellar. On the counter near the herbs.

The other is on Priestess Gut.

I wish I did not need to use such a rare potion on the brothers but when you try to use sleep spell the game says you can’t target allies.

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