Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Edit Character Stats / Character Generation (Cheat Engine)

I see people not knowing how to edit stats in change so i created this guide, it’s my personal use so no pointers or tables, follow instructions.

Cheat Engine

In cheat engine, put 3 points into each attribute, scan 4 bytes for 3, add and subtract until you get under 100 results.

Set all to zero, now add points into attributes then match with 4byte value, there should be multiple entries per attribute.

Once you’ve mapped out what is what ,hit use preferred stats to get 27 spent and the “venture forth” icon becomes available.

Edit 4 byte values to your preferred from default stats 8+ racial stats, eg, human’s start as base 9 so +10 points in all stats = starting stat strength 19/ asmodeus tiefling + 2 to charisma > +20 in charisma = 30 total charisma.

Now your stats are changed and venture fourth is available.

P.S. In character panels screen the stat cap is 30, your real stats are unaffected as of the first hotpatch.

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  1. It does no good to increase your scores much past 20, at least as a wizard, as you won’t be able to level up due to not having enough known spells to prepare during the leveling process. I’ve tried waiting until I could learn spells from scrolls to have enough, but it hasn’t so far made a difference.

    • Only reason to change the attributes, IMO is if you wanna roll your stats and put them in manually.

  2. Ok, it works. Many Thanks. One more note, every attribute (strength etc.) always has exactly 6 values. So you have to find the 6 values for all attributes. Then press Recommended and then edit the 6 values. You only get the result after the character is created, i.e. in the game.

  3. I’ve followed all of these tips thanks to Joel making them understandable, when I complete them and click venture forth the game crashes every time. Has anyone else had this issue ? Has anyone overcome this issue ?

  4. I have managed to get this to work at long last. But what i had to do, was when scanning for the address, I would get, i think it was 5 addresses PER stat, then adjust each of these addresses to the desired stat point bump as described in many of the above posts, i had to scan each stat out, get my 5 addresses, name them, repeat down the list of stats, then as said in earlier posts, use the recommended stats, make the adjustments to all the shown fields and mash venture forth.

  5. Note: Before beginning you MUST assume that all base stats are ( 8 ), regardless of racial modifiers.

    1. Lower all stats to minimum.
    2. Start with the first stat – Strength.
    3. Go to cheat engine, open the Baldur’s Gate 3 process.
    4. Click New Scan.
    5. Enter the current Strength value of ( 8 ) into the value input box.
    6. Click First Scan.
    7. Go to BG3 and increase Strength by +1.
    8. Go to CE and change Scan Type to “Increased Value”.
    9. Go to CE and check box Compare to First Scan.
    10. Click the Next Scan button.
    11. Wait 10 seconds and scroll to the very bottom of the address window.
    12. Within the bottom most rows you are going to see an old value of 8 and a new value of 9. Both will be in red.
    13. Add that address to your view by double clicking it.
    14. Go to BG3 and increase the Strength by +1 again.
    15. Go back to CE and you should see the value changed in your listing.
    16. Name it Strength.
    17. Go back to the game and lower Strength to min.
    18. Rinse and repeat until all statistics are captured.
    — end of finding stats.
    19. Go back into the Game.
    20. Click Use Recommended.
    21. Go to CE and adjust all of the statistics you captured to the amount you want to add to the BASE.
    22. If your base Dex is 10 with racial modifiers and you want to make it 30 then set the value for Dexterity to 20 (10 + 20 = 30).
    23. Rinse and repeat for all your statistics.
    24. Go to BG3 and click Venture Forth.
    25. Your stats should now all be 30, if that is the modifier you were attempting to gain.

      • Both of the methods described in detail work for the single player and also for the host of a LAN game. However, when I edit a multiplayer LAN character on a guest computer, it doesn’t stick to the guest player…only the host player.

        Any ideas about how to edit stats after character creation maybe? Thanks

    • Think you could make a video of this process ? I somehow don’t seem to get the result described …

    • to anyone trying this it doesn’t work, clicking venture forth takes you to your dream person page and the values are all set to 0 and when you load into the game your stats are unchanged.

  6. this doesnt even fucking work as someone who uses CE all the time this is nonsense, the values you are suggesting to search for DO NOT work regardless of how many times i’ve tried following exactly what you said, also you are extremely unclear with what you mean, “set all to zero” you cant set them to 0 there is a racial minimum, but even settin the modifier to +0 you can’t get ALL stats to +3 thats impossible, so what the fuck is he even talking about? i’ve tried every variation spending 10-15mins messing around w each and NONE of them produced sticking results after hitting venture forth, i could ONLY find the values themselves NOT the modifiers no matter how many times i did exactly what this guide said.

    • This explanation blows but theres a reply above that explains it Waaaaaay better.

      So basically pick a stat. Minus it all the way down to the lowest, your just gonna scan how many times you click the + sign on each.
      So if Strength with NO points in it is ” 8 ” then if you increase it to ” 10 ” you added 2 Points to strength. Search 2 points.
      Thats what the value youre manipulating.

      Lastly you gotta literally map out each stat like that and name them (for your own sake of knowing which is which).
      Then hit the use recommended button so you’re venture forth button is enabled. Now change the values to the amount of points you want in each.
      Do not touch the values after just hit venture forth. if you touch the values it will visually update and the venture forth button will gray out.

      • Thats what i have done, but the values once in game, are set to the “use recommended” values not the edited values. I have even tried to edit the values on the 2nd screen when the voice ask’s “who do you dream of” and the values are the same ether way.

  7. This is still not working for me, i have done as said. Step by step, reduced all 6 stats to base 8, increased by 1 each 4 byte scan, until i found the thread i was looking for, did it till i locked down all 6 stats and the adjusted values there in. Hit the use recommended, adjusted to desired values and hit venture forth. Even hit venture forth and adjusted the fields…. they always reset to the “recommended” values

  8. Method works great! A couple of extra locations snuck in but were easily spotted as the later changes were made. Then I dropped 18 in as all values and my Rogue is doing very well.


      Each race has a certain base value for each ability. The base value is the lowest possible score a specific ability can be decreased to during character creation. These differ depending on each race.


      Perform a 4 bytes cheat engine search for the number of points ADDED to the base value of the ability you want to change.

      Do not search for the currently DISPLAYED value of each ability.

      As you might normally do with cheat engine, perform multiple searches until you find all of the addresses for each ability.

      When you are done finding and labeling your addresses appropriately, return to the game. Once in the game, select the “use recommended” button to automatically allocate your points and decreasing your available points to allocate to zero (0)

      This will also allow you to choose the “venture forth” option.

      Return to cheat engine and change the values of your abilities there. Remember, you are changing the points added to the base value–not the displayed value.

      So, if you want to set your human fighter’s strength ability to 19: change the cheat engine value to 10 (base 9 + 10).

      Do not change the values in-game once done. Simply select venture forth when all of the abilities you wanted to edit have been edited.

      NOTE 1: The article describes the process of performing a bulk search for all of the ability addresses at once.

      NOTE 2: For other races, decrease each ability to their lowest values to discover their base values for each ability.

  9. great guide. @spy
    the reason they won’t stick is because you can’t alter those values directly. you need to alter the amount of points added to it. if you do it before you get the venture forth thing you’ll end up glitched and unable to proceed because you used up more than 27 points. this guide tells you how to still alter your stats despite that. I was confused initially as well, but it’s more clear once you just do as is written.

  10. What is this convoluted thing?
    Also, why not take this step by step, instead of talking about everything at once?
    Actually finding the correct entries is easy, if you have a bit of time to invest.
    But the changes don’t “stick”. They go back to their default value, before altering them.

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