Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Get the Legendary Spear at the Very Beginning of Act 3

The Legendary Spear at the very beginning of Act 3. A strong weapon for the late game.


At the beginning of the location, go a little ahead and find the circus.

Find the Genie

Find the genie’s stall and steal the ring from him. Difficulty class 7.

After the Ring Was Stolen

Spin the wheel and you will definitely win the “Grand Prize”. Genie will be mad that you tricked him, just don’t show it.


Your prize will be an unforgettable teleportation to the wild jungle with dinosaurs. It is not necessary to fight them, just crawl past them and get to the potrtal back to the gates.


Right before the exit there will be a simple chest, our prize lies in it. You need good lockpicking or sleight of hand skills to pick a lock. Difficulty class 20.


Enjoying our prize!

Created by Edgerunner

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