Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – Legion / Stage 1 [DMZ]

Passing Legion, Stage 1 in Warzone 2 [DMZ].

Getting in Touch

  • Mark the phone with the contract on the tactical map
  • Find a phone with a contract and download the data

Phones with contracts, citadels, towers, air defense and much more are marked on the map!

We find the phone, mark it for the first task, and use it for the second!

Find and Rob

  • Find and open caches with trophies (5)

The caches in the game are: bags, lockers, refrigerators, chests, first aid kits and so on!

  • Put items (5) in a backpack

In the DMZ, you can even pick up, for example, a hand cream or a wrench, objects are scattered everywhere…

Al-Katala’s Informant

  • Turn on the UAV control tower

The towers are indicated on the map, we get to the tower and activate it, it will show enemies on the mini-map.Now the tasks will be more difficult!

Storming the Citadel

  • Get the key to the citadel

To open the citadel, you need a blue card as in the screenshot above! It can fall out of any bot! It’s a little annoying that you need to look for it in this way, but sometimes it falls already from the first person killed!

  • Eliminate enemy forces in the citadel

Before you start storming the citadel, you need to open it with the blue card that we were looking for for the first task! Such a key card opens any citadel on the map!

It’s funny, but the first citadel I opened was without enemies, and it wasn’t counted to me!

  • Evacuate the White Lotus data found at the Citadel guard

In this task, you need to find the White Lotus Data document as in the screenshot above. For today, this document came across to me only twice! I didn’t look for him on purpose, the first time he fell from an enemy who was hanging out on the roof of the citadel, and the second time just from an enemy on the street (not near the citadel).

After you take the Data about the White Lotus, it’s better to try to evacuate right away! Evacuation sites are marked on the map! You need to call a helicopter, and then wait for him, alive.

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