Cyberpunk 2077 – Fix for Achievement Not Working in Update 2.0

Possible fix for achievements not popping up in Phantom Liberty DLC and base game after update 2.0 in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Fix

Note: Credit goes to Mysli

The update 2.0 seems to have broken for some the Steam overlay and Steam detecting that you are playing Cyberpunk 2077. For some reason steam only detects the launcher as the game but not the main Cyberpunk 2077.exe

Easiest way to verify this is checking if you can open steam overlay during the gameplay, or check if Steam Friends shows you that you are currently playing Cyberpunk 2077 during gameplay, or if Steam launcher says you can play Cyberpunk with green launch box even if the game is running.

If the steam overlay don’t open, steam friend doesn’t show that you are playing Cyberpunk 2077 or the launch button on steam is still green after game is on then this fix might help you.

If Steam doesn’t detect that you are playing Cyberpunk then, atleast for me, the achievements didn’t unlock. What fixed the issue for me was disabling the admin rights for REDprelauncher.exe and Cyberpunk2077.exe in the games installation folder. The REDprelauncher.exe should be in games main installation folder and Cyberpunk2077.exe can be found in folder /bin/x64/ folder that be found in installation folder.

The admin rights can be toggled off by right-clicking the executable, selecting properties, going to compatibility tab and unticking the “Run this program as an administrator”, and pressing “OK” at the bottom. (I have windows 10 so this can be little different on windows 11).

After this Steam should be able to detect the game and achievements should pop-up when they are done. This doesn’t unlock achievement retroactively so atleast for story mission achievements you have to beat the story again

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