Cyberpunk 2077 – Netrunner Build (+ Quickhack Combos)

Best Netrunner Build

Tried doing a netrunner build myself on hard mode and pretty much (Phantom Liberty DLC).

Early Game

Short Circuit especially will pretty much one shot most enemies but will get you traced. Usually not a problem since there are not a lot of enemies in each area. Overheat is similar but will not kill enemies directly so often times it can lead to you getting detected.

But mainly the two are your go to quickhacks to take out enemies. Ping is great to find out where enemies are at while Bait is kinda so-so depending on if you go guns blazing or not.

Lastly reboot optics is fairly good but it’s traceable so it only buys you a few seconds usually by not getting directly detected it’s sort of good in combat. But basically early on Ping + Short Circuit are your go to quick hacks early on.

Mid Game

Using memory wipe let’s you prevent detection for a short while and make the following quickhacks in the que untraceable, requires hack queue perk.

This means combining memory wipe + short circuit/overheat will allow you to attack / take out enemies without getting noticed or traced it is fairly costly though. Synapse burnout can easily one shot kill most enemies even the deadly / mini-boss types especially if you have a lot of ram and use it last, it can easily do thousands of dmg with the crit dmg cyberware and synapse at tier 4 this easily does around 6500+ dmg with my build.

The rest with different effects can be good but their all traceable and more of advantages when your already in combat but even then killing an enemy or deal a lot of dmg is usually better then making them slower, stop shooting for a bit and so on.

On a side note short circuit is the best combat quick hack early to mid game since it deal the most dmg 78-260 dmg + DoT at tier 4-5 bonus dmg vs mech enemies and +20% dmg at tier 5 vs weak enemies lower ram cost at tier 3 but higher at tier 5 upload time is 0.5 sec.

Overheat deals 29-120 dmg per sec over 2 sec so 58-240 dmg however if you go into combat overheat is better against tougher enemies and can deal more dmg early on if you get the system overwhelm perk for instance but since short circuit get’s a DoT as well at tier 4+ it loses that edge it also takes 2 sec to upload. Also overheat + contaigon can be very deadly against groups of enemies but it requires a set up.

Late Game

Late game tier 4-5 you get acccess to ultimate quick hacks. Now system collapse just takes out one enemy untraceable but it costs a ton of ram and you’ll be hard pressed using it without overclock that lets you pay health for missing ram. However if you can exploit lowering trace progress you can use it very cheaply for a few seconds however there are not many options to lower trace in game.

Suicide is similar but is traceable and has a lowered ram cost after melee finishers which is much easier to do but if your killing enemies in melee why use suicide? Cyberpsychosis works same as suicide if the enemy is alone but is cheaper with ram and turns the enemy against their friends if enemies are close however the psycho see’s you they target you aswell.

Detonate grenade well just detonates a grenade from an enemy the type depends on what they carry but it’s basically a targeted grenade kinda good vs multiple enemies. Lastly blackwall gateway is the strongest quickhack in the game that you get from phantom liberty it costs 12 ram but works like suicide killing an enemy and is traceable but instantly kills them, it will keep spreading as long as you have ram up to a max of 5 enemies within 20m but with increasing ram cost per spread.

But in short must have quick hacks in my opinion early game is ping + short circuit, mid-game ping + short circuit + memory wipe + synapse burnout, late game ping + short circuit + memory wipe + synapse burnout + blackwall gateway or before blackwall system collapse / cyberpsychosis depending on your total ram.

Quick Hack Combos

Quick hack combos are pretty much memory wipe + short circuit vs weak enemies before detected, memory wipe + synapse burnout vs strong enemies before detected, contaigon + overheat vs grouped enemies, overheat + short circuit vs enemies in combat with associated perks if their tough, memory wipe + reboot optics if you wanna be super stealthy without taking anyone down, cyberware malfunction x 5 can deal a ton of dmg at tier 5 lastly blackwall gateway just kills everything.

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  1. I would argue the best early stealth netrunner techniques include, distract enemies, initiate overload and ping. Short circuit is good early kill shot, but means you have to clear the floor quickly. I found the most success with stealth involved distracting enemies then backstabbing them.

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