Dead by Daylight – Guide for the Outbreak Breakout Achievement in Patch 6.2.2

Guide to get one of the worst achievement in this game.

The Outbreak Breakout Achievement Guide

Stop playing Solo Queue!

Yeah, I know, easier said than done – making friends in DBD isn’t exactly easy as everyone is most of the times in a not so friendly mood, but this is really the best thing you can do, and it goes beyong the regular benefits of playing SWF.

I will give further details on this one, just keep reading.

Map Offerings are a must – but they’re incredibly limited

It sounds simple, right? If you want to escape RPD, just bring a RPD offering with you – DUH!!!!

Well… the tricky part is that you won’t always manage escaping (and opening the gates yourself) for the achievement to pop, so you’ll probably run out of map offerings fast.

You might even have some left scattered amongst all your characters (after all, who wants to go to RPD?), but THEY. WILL. END.

This another reason why playing SWF is so important:

  • Your teammates can bring the RPD Badge offering if you run out.

Since I’m playing Solo Queue, I had no option but to beg at the start of every single match:

  • “Could you please bring RPD offering?”

The most common answers were:

  • “No”
  • “Yeah, sure!” – but they don’t bring the offering at all, tricking you into bringing your most valuable items for nothing.
  • “Yeah, sure!” – and actually bringing the map offering, only to have another survivor bring a different offering because they don’t want to play RPD (and why would they?)
  • “Yeah, sure!” – and you finally get to play RPD.

With a 25% chance of playing RPD, it is still better than 0% so it was worth a shot.

Screw your teammates

Ohhhh this one feel dirty… but it is the truth.

Others have done the math, and the way this achievement was designed automatically screws half the team by default, so you just play along the way BHVR wants you to.

Play it safe, don’t go for risky unhooks, gen rush as much as you can, and focus only on your escape. You can tailor this one during your games, but you gotta have your objective always in mind:

You should be the one to open the gates and escape, not your teammates.

Gen Rush, and then some

Playing Solo Queue I noticed that survivors have a tendency to avoid doing gens.

Sometimes they just wanna practice loops, play goofy, and that is ok!

But since you can only open the gates once the gens are finished (or the hatch is closed), you have to gen rush as much as you can.

My build of choice

  • Items: Your best Toolbox, Brand New Part and whatever you have left. No secret there.
  • Offerings: RPD Badges until you run out, and then White Ward. This one is extremely important because these are your best items, and since you don’t control which map you’re going to, you don’t wanna use them for nothing.
  • Prove Thyself: Since Gen Rush is a must, you gotta take advantage of that one survivor that wants to help you do a gen. Unfortunately, this was the least useful perk in the build, because like I said most survivors don’t care about doing gens in Solo Q.
  • Sprint Burst: I guess you can use other exaustion perks too, but I prefered to be on the safe side and just get to the choppa as soon as I saw the killer.
  • Wiretap: This one is incredibly useful, especially on RPD! There are multiple reasons why I used Wiretap, but mostly I just wanted to let my team know that I was on a gen, and if the killer got nearby my teammates could feel confident in at least touching another gen. So many good plays you can use this perk, like placing Wiretap at a 1% gen that the killer probably won’t kick, and have information there for a while.
  • Wake Up!: This one is so obvious, I am ashamed to admit that I only thought of using it after my 12th escape. But yeah, it doesn’t matter if everything goes well or bad, you open the gates 20% and that’s it. In one match I opened 95% of a gate before the killer arrived and killed me, so I promised that Wake Up! would always be in my kit.

If it comes to hatch: WAIT!

Escaping through hatch does nothing to help you achieve Outbreak Breakout, so you have to be patient and let the killer find the hatch first.

Once the hatch is closed, you wait a bit more.

The killer is likely to patrol the gates, so if you start opening one right away you’ll probably get caught befofe opening it… so just let the killer patrol a bit, go to gate #1, then gate #1, then #2…. once the EGC is almost ending, you finally make your play.

Repeat this 20 times

Not only this is a very unlikely achievement to get, but you have to get it 20 times. Twenty times.

Who thought this was a good idea?

…but I promised myself I wouldn’t rant. Just know that I share every bit of negative feelings you might have towards this one, and I hope this guide help you get rid of this achievement that feels like a sore thumb.

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