Dead by Daylight – Quick Fix To The Forced Antialiasing

The developers implemented a change recently to force antialiasing on low settings. It’s caused constant issues for players since it was patched into the game; FPS drops for those with more potato-esque PC’s, and for other’s the game is just terribly blurry and looks god awful. This is a fix to that issue, and is not bannable at all.

The Fix

Fixing The Disgusting Blurry Mess…

Now, this is not bannable and is completely safe, and should fix your antialiasing-related FPS drops and make your game look squeaky clean again.

  • You’re going to want to get to the engine.ini file. The file should be located under C: \ Users \ Your Account Name HERE \ AppData \ Local \ DeadByDaylight \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsNoEditor
  • After you’ve reached this location open the engine.ini file and paste the following lines in:


  • Save the file. ggez.

Once again not bannable!

An ini file is just a config file, where various game settings are stored (graphics quality, mouse sensitivity, that kind of thing). It is human-readable and editable, and no reasonable developer would ever try to ban a user over editing such a file, since there’s no way to cheat here. In fact, the only reason this particular ini file (WindowsNoEditor) ever comes up is because you can manually tweak certain settings — such as frame rate and anti-aliasing.

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