Dead by Daylight – Bloodweb Economics

A rundown of how to:

  • Get the most bloodpoints (BP).
  • Abuse bloodweb entity logic.
  • Get the most perks with the least BP.

Summary of the Bloodweb

Note: Credit goes to Pachynka

If you don’t know how the bloodweb works:

  • Spend bloodpoints for perks, add-ons and offerings by purchasing nodes
  • At levels 5, 10 and 15 unlock an additional perk slot for that character
  • The Entity appears at level 10 and begins to consume nodes
  • At level 50, you can continue to spend and get as many purchases you want, however, you will not level up past level 50


  • At level 50, you can choose to prestige, resetting all progress on that character and rewarding the character with a bloody cosmetic piece
  • Prestige maxes at 3 levels

It is a pain to use the bloodweb, considering how draining it is to spend either millions for possibly +100 perks, or how unsatisfying it is when there are not enough bloodpoints for certain purchases. Hopefully this helps.

Getting Bloodpoints

Currently, there are 4 ways to obtain BP:

  1. Playing matches of Dead by Daylight
  2. Completing Daily Rituals
  3. Completing archive missions
  4. Redeeming BP codes in the store’s ‘Featured’ section

The easiest and most consistent method is play matches. You can get a maximum of 32000 BP from a single match, 8000 per category.

Perks and offerings help.

(Only underlined perks can surpass the 32000 BP limit)

Survivor perks:

  • Prove Thyself
  • Deliverance
  • For The People
  • Decisive Strike
  • We’re Gonna Live Forever

Killer perks:

  • Barbecue and Chili


(Underlined offerings are worth using)

  • Category specific killer offerings
  • Hollow Shell
  • Category specific survivor offerings
  • Sealed/Bound Envelope
  • Escape Cake
  • Survivor Pudding
  • Bloody Party Streamers
  • Anniversary Cakes


Daily Rituals should be recycled for a chance of getting a “By your hands, kill 1 Survivor with the [Killer]” missions. These are worth 60000 BP.

Archive missions should always be active. Archive missions that are worth the investment of time are tiers 3 and 4 missions. Most tomes have a bunch of easy to complete missions, although avoid missions that will take longer than 2-3 games. Try to aim for the missions that have a special ‘crest’ around them, as these are worth 10000 more BP than other missions at the tier.

The Entity’s Logic

The bloodweb, despite being ‘unpredictable’, follows a very specific set of rules. You can easily manipulate the bloodweb to get what you want and predict its next move.

  1. The Entity begins consuming on the 5th purchase OR if the player has purchased a perk.
  2. The first node consumed will ALWAYS be a perk.
  3. The Entity consumes nodes in accordance to 3 layers, or ‘rings’. It begins on the outer ring of the bloodweb, and will always prioritise the most outer ring if there are available nodes.
  4. The Entity never moves to a node that isn’t connected to the most recently consumed node UNLESS:

The player purchases a perk while another perk node is available, causing it to immediately consume the other perk node

The Entity’s most recently consumed node is no longer connected to another free node, causing it to consume a random node on the most outer ring (typically perks or rare add-ons and offerings)

  1. All nodes unreachable to the player will be automatically consumed by the entity (the most recent node does NOT change to the automatically consumed nodes).

Abusing The Logic

  1. Always go for perks first.
  2. If you don’t like any of the perks, pick the ones that are the highest tier, as they won’t appear again.
  3. Create priorities for the most important add-ons, going for those after all perk nodes disappear.
  4. Force The Entity to automatically consume multiple paths at a time, removing filler purchases that you would’ve had to spend on.
  5. Path towards the cheapest nodes when nothing of value remains.

If you’re trying to prestige, follow these rules religiously EXCEPT FOR 2 AND 3. Just pick the cheapest perks and nodes.

Good luck!

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