Dead by Daylight – The Third Gate Guide

A guide about escaping through the third gate.


So the gens have been powered and you’re running the perimeter trying to avoid the killer. You check the first gate: closed. Then the second: closed. The killer is patrolling them. Maybe someone is opening the third gate.

Third Gate? Yeah, you heard right.


Bring a key and an offering to spawn the hatch near the shack. The shack is safer and it will be easier to find the hatch.

The killer may bring Franklin’s Demise to try to stop your plan. Find the shack as soon as you can and drop the key off there to keep it safe. Between the two lockers is a good spot.

Once the hatch is visible (one more generator completed than number of survivors left), head to the shack. The hatch should be around the outside of it.

Get your key and escape through the third gate! Be sure to beckon any other survivors so they can escape too.

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